The business programs offered by the Donald L. Harrison College of Business are accredited by AACSB-International, the premier accrediting body for programs in business. Specifying specific learning goals is a requirement for accreditation, as is the measurement of student achievement against these goals.

The faculty of the Donald L. Harrison College of Business has identified five primary learning goals for Harrison Business students:

Proficiency in effective communication and team work.

  1. Write business documents with clear focus, development, organization and mechanical correctness.
  2. Create and deliver a professional presentation on a relevant business problem or issue. The presentation will display adequate content, organization and delivery.
  3. Listen satisfactorily and recall work-related information.
  4. Exhibit effective team work.

Effective management level (knowledge and mastery of technology).

  1. Use the Internet, spreadsheet, database, word processing, statistical, and presentation software effectively.

Development of upper level management and leadership skills in a diverse and global environment.

  1. Provide evidence of understanding of individual management style.
  2. Provide evidence of adapting to diverse environments and cultures through shared feelings, perceptions, and experiences.

Advanced knowledge of the fundamentals

Accounting, finance, business law, management information systems, marketing, management, and economics.

  1. Use and application of business-related terms, concepts, theories, and principles.

Application of critical thinking and advanced research skills

Solves business problems and ethical dilemmas.

  1. Use critical thinking to reach decisions by:
    1. Identifying the problem/issue(s).
    2. Presenting plausible alternatives.
    3. Evaluating the alternatives.
    4. Resolving the problem/dilemma with justification based on ethical principles, discipline-specific understanding, and professional judgment.


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