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Budget Review Committee Membership

University Budget Review Committee

FY 2020 (for budget year 2021)

Charge: To annually conduct budget hearings, receive divisional and institutional budget development requests, and recommend to the President funding for general operating budget proposals, plans, and priorities.

Membership: Faculty Senate Executive Committee Chair, Chair-Elect, and Membership Committee Chair; Faculty Senate Compensation Committee (six individuals, one representative from each college); Vice President for Finance & Administration; Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success; Provost; Director of Budget; one administrator from each division; one representative from the Council of Deans; Chairpersons' Forum Moderator; Professional Staff Council Chair and Chair-Elect; CTS Employee Council Chair and Vice-Chair; and Student Government President, Vice President, and Treasurer. The Vice President for Finance and Administration is the chairperson for this committee.

Reports to Vice President for Finance & Administration

Faculty Senate Executive Committee: 

AY 2020 Nicolas Wilkins, Chair
AY 2020 Diane Wood, Chair-Elect
AY 2020 Joni Hand, Membership Committee Chair

Faculty Senate Compensation Committee:
AY 2020 Desma Reno, Education, Health & Human Studies, Committee Chair
AY 2020 Jonathan Hayes, Humanities & Social Sciences
AY 2020 Serkan Varol, Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics
AY 2020 David Yaskewich, Business & Computing
AY 2020 Jenna Moore, Arts & Media
AY 2020 Pat Willingham, Kent Library

Provost: Mike Godard

Vice President for Finance & Administration: Kathy Mangels

Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Success: Debbie Below

Director of Budget: Sue Wilde

Administrator From Each Division:
AY 2020 Chris Martin, President's Office
AY 2020 Brady Barke, Athletics
AY 2020 Alissa Vandeven, Finance & Administration
AY 2020 Doug Koch, Academic Affairs
AY 2020 Trudy Lee, University Advancement

Council of Deans Representative:
AY 2020 Alberto Dávila, Business & Computing

Chairpersons' Forum Moderator:
AY 2020 Kevin Dickson, Management & Marketing

Professional Staff Council:
AY 2020 Katie Krodinger, New Student Programs
AY 2020 Egbar Ozenkoski, Student Financial Services

CTS Staff Council:
AY 2020 Autumn Gentry, Facilities Management
AY 2020 Amber Sumner, New Student Programs

Student Representatives:
AY 2020 Matthew Rolwing, Student Government President
AY 2020 Annie Martin, Student Government Vice President
AY 2020 Justin Jacobs, Student Government Treasurer

Chair: Kathy Mangels


Academic Hall 200K and 234-236
Budget Office
One University Plaza, MS 3100
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701