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Experiential Learning

Our students tell us when they graduate, they’re ready. Not just ready to be done with school, but ready to start that thing they’ve been studying for years. They feel confident in their abilities. That’s enough to make this nearly 150-year old institution a little teary-eyed. They’re confident, and we’re proud.

Know what else makes us proud? To hear from employers who say they want our graduates. And, they do. From agents on the East Coast to media companies on the West Coast, they tell us our grads have the talents, skills, and Midwestern work ethic they want.

None of that is coincidence. Our students work hard to learn, and we work hard to give them opportunities to do the work before they graduate. Their curriculum is built, so they do their dreams jobs before they land their dream jobs, meaning when they graduate, there’s more on their resumes than a degree.


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