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A major or minor in art, design, or commercial multimedia can provide you with a variet of career opportunities in business, industry, museums, galleries, education, and the arts. Here are just a few examples!

Commercial Art/Graphic Designer

All newspaper, magazine and billboard imagery are created by graphic designers. The combination of creative type, quality-manipulated photographs and drawn images advertises products and sales trends. The designer creates the logs and advertising concepts, working between the client and the public market with visually exciting images. Design concepts begin with drawings, words and photographs which are later manipulated through the computer. Web site designers work with Web builders to uniquely convey the visual presentation of sites.


Words often need interpretation and elaboration through pictures. Books, maps and brochures often need the artist to give visual meaning to what the text says. The illustrator bridges painting, watercolor painting and graphic design to artistically enhance ideas. Illustrators work with writers to make pictures for books. They create public and private murals to illustrate the ideas and concepts others wish to show.

Art Teacher

There continues to be a demand for certified art teachers in public and private schools at all grade levels. A variety of positions exist. Some art teachers travel around to a few elementary schools and some have one art-teaching classroom where the students come in for class periods. Many of the high schools have an art faculty of two to four teachers and multi-level studio classes in different media. Kindergarten through 12th grade art teachers enjoy their summers off to create their own art.

Professional Painter

Many artists enjoy careers creating their art and selling it through galleries, corporate art representatives, art fairs and interior decorators. The individual painter learns to market their work and discipline their productivity like a private business. Personal initiative, hard work and ambition to succeed reward these artists with successful careers as painters.


Parks, courtyards of buildings, city plazas, amusement parks and playgrounds are places where sculptural artists have been commissioned to create large-scale 3-dimensional artworks of beauty and interest. Private art collectors and museums acquire sculpture as art that has rounded form, texture and a variety of materials. The sculptor understands basic engineering instinctively and enjoys building the physical form of their art.

Fiber Artist

Banners, decorative wall hangings, flags, hand-woven textiles, tapestries, wearable art, and specialty interior design fabrics are the purview of fiber artists. Textile weaving mills and commercial, industrial fabric design companies hire fiber artist/designers who understand the structure of woven cloth and design on fabrics with dye technology

Ceramic Artist

Studio pottery is a popular career for ceramic artists. By working from a home studio and selling their products at craft fairs and galleries, these artists make a living and have a lifestyle that revolves around their work. Teaching classes or workshops at craft schools, camps and children’s programs provide excellent supplements for the ceramic artist.

Interior Designer

The Interior Design Program at Southeast Missouri State University prepares students for a wide range of careers in the field of interior design such as Residential Interior Designer; Commercial Interior Designer specializing in Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, or Corporate Office; Kitchen and Bath Designer; Lighting Consultant; Project Manager; AutoCAD, Revit, or BIM Technician; Commercial Furniture Vendor; Sales Consultants of Interior Materials, Furniture, or Equipment, as well as providing them with the required knowledge for entry into a master's program.


The specialization in Photography aims to strike a balance between technical understanding and artistic expression. Students will be prepared for a wide range of careers including but not limited to: Commercial Studio Photographer, Portrait Photographer, Photography Facility Manager, Photography Consultant, Artist, Field Research Photographer, Studio Manager, Director of Photography Services, Lighting Technician, Digital Photo Retoucher, Photo Acquisitions Editor, Art Director, Digital Technician, Digital Asset Manager.

Digital Art

Alumni who have completed courses in the digital art specialization’s have gone into careers in animation, digital design, clothing design, photography, video production, and web design. Some alumni have chosen to pursue additional education and have been accepted into prestigious universities across the country. Our alumni have jobs in Kansas City and St. Louis, and as far away as Pittsburgh, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Professional Printer

A specialization in printmaking prepares students for a variety of contract and custom print jobs including color separations and design for screen-printed t-shirts, embroidery, and printing multicolor designs on t-shirts and other fabric items. Students will gain the skills necessary to pursue a career in letterpress production printing, which includes preparation, set-up, equipment maintenance, and editioning. Students can go on to pursue printing fine art editions for other artists or start their own small printing business for creating greeting cards, posters, wedding invitations, and more.


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