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Admissions Policies

The Department of Art and Design does not require portfolio reviews for admission to its programs. There are no entry requirements other than those required by the University for the BFA, B.A. in art, or B.S. degree areas. Learn more about admission requirements with the Office of Admissions.

If you are an art major, after you have completed the first five Foundation courses, you will have to pass a Foundation Review to move on to the Bachelor of Fine Arts. If you are a transfer student and you need credit for the Foundation courses, you will need to provide a portfolio in digital or CD format for placement.

If you are seeking the Bachelor of Science in Education: Art Education, please visit the Department of Leadership, Middle and Secondary Education for education major entry requirements. There are no special requirements to declare the art portion of that major.

Important Information for Transfer Students

The Department of Art and Design abides by Southeast Missouri State’s policies on transfer credits. Basic guidelines are on pages 9-10 and page 11 for International Transfers, in the University’s Bulletin, which states “Credit from other institutions is accepted only to the extent that it counts toward a transfer degree in the institution where it was earned. Ordinarily, vocational/technical courses will not be transferrable.” Established transfer course equivalencies may be found through TES. The Registrar’s office states that “For regionally accredited colleges, if a course is not listed [in TES], it will be evaluated for course equivalency at the time of the transfer. Courses taken through a community college, while transferable, will not grant senior division credit regardless of course number used in transfer.” More information about Transfer Course Equivalencies may be found on the Registrar’s Office Transfer Information Webpage.

If a student wishes to transfer a course not listed in TES, they must complete and submit a Request for Approval of Transfer Credit form via the Registrar’s Office. Students must submit a course syllabus for any and all courses they wish to have assessed for transfer. Final decision on transfer courses lies with the department, wherein faculty within the course specialization at Southeast will review individual syllabi and determine course equivalency based on course description, objectives, scope, and other policies to ascertain if a course will transfer as an upper-level course, art elective, or not transfer at all.


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