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June 26, 2007

June 26, 2007

AQIP Steering Committee - UC Riverboat Room

In Attendance: Co- Chair D. Holt, J. Ermatinger, C. Frazier, A.Gathman, C. Kaufman, C. Rainey, D. Starrett, S. Swartwout

Absent: R. Althaus, M. Clifton, G. Gasser, J. Stephens, A. Vandeven

Recorder: Christie Renner

Update on Action Projects 1 & 2

D. Holt stated that Action Projects 1 & 2 will be on the agenda for the next Administrative Council meeting which is scheduled for July 10.

Systems Portfolio

The committee continued brainstorming on the category processes questions.

Category 4 – Valuing People
Below are the comments from the committee as they brainstormed on the “processes” questions for this category.

4P1 – How do you identify the specific credentials, skills, and values required for faculty, staff, and administrators? How do your hiring processes make certain people you employ possess these requisite characteristics?

Part 1

  • At department level – when writing job descriptions (dean and Provost have input); review process at chairs, deans, equity office, provost, HR
  • There is a distinct process for every hire – academic and non-academic
  • Board approves direct hires, so President would keep Board apprised
  • Some administrator positions listed in faculty handbook
  • Determined by supervisors
  • Identify: past experience, look at what’s going on outside (no formalized process)
  • Some departments would determine by accrediting bodies
  • Basic standards
  • Based on operational need (e.g., IT, FM)
  • Trends define position
  • Accreditation requirements
  • HAY system evaluates staff position and salaries

Part 2

  • Search grid, HR checklists, rate accordingly
  • Equity Issues keeps watchful eye

4P2 – How do you recruit, hire, and retain employees? How do you orient all employees to your organization? How do you plan for changes in personnel?

Part 1

  • Broad interview process: come on-campus and see in person
  • Staff orientation
  • Faculty orientation
  • There is a difference between recruiting and hiring
  • Challenges with recruiting??
  • Discussion on faculty recruiting – varies by department
  • Hiring – have a process
  • Recruiting – debatable
  • Retention
    • Some promotion – post-professorial
    • Get paycheck
    • Custodial field: there is a plan for retention - certification
    • Extra merit: CTS, professional staff
    • Salary system
    • Professional staff – opportunities to climb career ladder
    • Professional development
    • CPS/CAP
    • Special benefits: Tuition reimbursement
    • Promotion within
    • In-house training

Part 2

  • HR staff orientation – get more information
  • Academic – TEWs (Teaching Enhanced Workshops)

Part 3

  • Look at upcoming retires and what opportunities would be available
  • Thinking about likely changes (practice; not formalized process)
  • Some departments – review how going to fill retires, vacancies (at what level)
  • Long term strategic planning
  • Formal on academic side
  • President and Provost talk about reorganization unless cross divisions then VP or others included in discussions as needed

Note – Succession planning discussed in Process question 5P8

4P3 – How do your work processes and activities contribute to communications, cooperation, high performance, innovation, empowerment, organizational learning, and skill sharing? How do you ensure the ethical practices of all employees?

Part 1

  • Clerical side - skill sharing and communication
  • Promote innovation in classroom
  • Committees (empowerment, communication, cooperation)
  • Teaching technology associates
  • This Steering Committee
  • Faculty and advisors working together on AP

Part 2

  • Equity issues
  • Mandatory prevention - sexual harassment training
  • Most colleges/departments have procedure; student has recourse process
  • Grievance policies
  • Faculty handbook
  • University policy and procedures
  • Research Involving Human Subjects Committee
  • Animal Use & Care ??? Committee

4P4 – How do you train and develop all faculty, staff, and administrators to contribute fully and effectively throughout their careers with your institution? How do you reinforce this training?

  • In-staff training
  • Safety training (radiation)
  • DPS training
  • Training and development
  • Conferences
  • TEW
  • Professional development money for faculty and staff

4P5 – How do you determine training needs? How is your training aligned with your plans addressed in Category 8, Planning Continuous Improvement, and how does it augment your focus on helping students learn and accomplishing other distinctive objectives?

  • Training Advisory Committee
  • CSTL surveys
  • T & D periodic surveys
  • Administrators identify needs
  • Evaluation and identify progresses
  • Quality improvement workshops
  • 21st learning seminar
  • Set of quality tools, tricks of the trade, fishbone at other universities
  • What are elements of continuous improvement? – look on website and translate what we do
  • Great online databases – link on KL website for distant learners (focus on helping students); Library changes to meet faculty and student needs

4P6 – How do you design and use your personnel evaluation system? How does this system align with your objective in Category 1, Helping Students Learn, and in Category 2, Accomplishing Other Distinctive Objectives?

Part 1

  • Promotion criteria
  • Staff – Ask Jim Cook
  • HAY system (evaluating position)
  • Merit (yearly)
  • performance evaluation process

Part 2

  • Promotion criteria aligned with institutional objectives

4P6, 4P7, 4P8
Regarding termination process

  • Staff side – is clearly defined (if not doing the work)
  • Faculty side – tenure process
  • Discussion was held about those who have tenure

4P7 – How do you design your recognition, reward, and compensation systems to align with your objective in Category 1, Helping Students Learn, and in Category 2, Accomplishing Other Distinctive Objectives? How do you support employees through benefits and services?

Part 1

  • Faculty has awards in place - PRIDE... 3 other awards
  • Staff
    • Extraordinary merit
    • Rec Center
    • Administrative Professionals Day
    • Staff Day
    • Professional Staff Day
    • Years of service recognition
    • CTS certificates
    • Have not developed on staff side (relating to University objectives) – need to work on CTS and Professional
    • Faculty/Staff notables

Part 2

  • Benefits: 4-5pm off in summer and Christmas break

 4P8 – How do you determine key issues related to the motivation of faculty, staff, and administrators? How are these issues analyzed and how is a course of action selected?

  • Different councils – CTS, Professional Staff, Faculty Senate, Chairperson’s Forum
  • HERI (primary for faculty)
  • Examiner
  • Should we look at external way to survey faculty/staff?
  • Integrate IDEA evaluations
  • President, VPs, Provost have performance surveys
  • Does CUPA have any, or ask Pat Ryan (for staff)

4P9 – How do you provide for and evaluate employee satisfaction, health and safety, and well-being?

  • Wellness program (evaluate yearly)
  • Safety radiation officer
  • Employee assistance program
  • Items of HERI that relate
  • Disaster plan
  • Emergency phone
  • Early Warning System
  • Evaluate workshops
  • Key performance indicators
  • Evaluate health insurance (review data)
  • CLERY report

4P10 – What measures of valuing people do you collect and analyze regularly?

  • HERI
  • Evaluations from workshops
  • Compensation study

Category 5 – Leading and Communicating

Discussion was held on category five. The committee agreed that they would like to meet with Executive Staff members to review many of the questions in this category, as well as some of the questions in other categories.

This category relates to the Action Project on communication. It was suggested to have this Action Project Team answer the questions too and then compare with the committee’s answers.

Additional comments that were made include:

  • Defining who we are (AP 1st Choice)
  • What are the overriding principles in deciding when opportunities come along
  • Also ask the President these questions
  • It would be nice to have summaries of the Administrative Council agenda and minutes posted on the web
  • Some information can be found in the Faculty Senate handbook
  • Vision (Executive Staff)
  • At local level – data driven

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 24, at 2:00 pm, in the UC Board Room.


One University Plaza, MS 4600
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701