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January 17, 2007

January 17, 2007

AQIP Steering Committee - UC Board Room

In Attendance: Rick Althaus, Jim Ermatinger, Christina Frazier, Allen Gathman, Dennis Holt, Crystal Kaufman, Carolyn Rainey, Bruce Skinner, David Starrett, Jane Stephens, Susan Swartwout, and Alissa Davis

Absent: Chris Davis, Adam Hanna, and David Starrett

Recorder: Christie Renner

Series of Meetings with Faculty and Staff

Discussion was held on the upcoming forums. An updated list of dates and assignments was distributed for the meetings with the faculty and staff. The AQIP Brown Bag for staff has been moved to Friday, February 16, at 12:00 pm, in Dempster Hall Glenn Auditorium. Representatives of the staff from the steering committee will attend. Also, President Dobbins, Provost Stephens and Dennis Holt will attend for a short time.

The committee decided to provide the following information on handouts for the forums. C. Frazier will draft the handouts for review by the committee.

One page should include a background. It will include a brief description of how the University got to this point and who has been involved in the process. The membership of the AQIP Steering Committee and areas represented will be listed. Also, there will be general information on the characteristics that make up a good Action Project. Characteristics that were discussed of what action projects should be include: being broad-based ideas; being measurable; being realistic/doable; being significant (potential to bring significant change); and being able to identify a timeline (suitable for a timeline).

One page (the back of background page) will describe the Action Project ideas that the faculty and staff will be asked to rank. Descriptions will be written for the following Action Project ideas:

  • Implement the Academic Enhancement Program in Fall 2007
  • Improve information distribution and communication
  • Completing a successful inaugural year for the School of Visual and Performing Arts at the River Campus
  • Web course and distance learning evaluation
  • Defining indicators of being the University of first choice for students, faculty and staff
  • Strengthening faculty-based academic advising – phase 1

One page (on color paper) will provide a list of the Action Project ideas to be ranked by faculty and staff.

It is important for the committee representatives attending the forums to explain that there will also be QUIP projects that will be assigned for smaller projects and will run simultaneously with AQIP projects. The forums will focus on the selection of Action Projects, but if faculty/staff have ideas for QUIP projects they should be encouraged to submit them to their supervisor.

It is the steering committee’s intent to choose the top ranked Action Projects from the forum and submit them to the President. Other Action Project ideas should be sent to their representative on the AQIP Steering Committee.

C. Frazier stated that she would be maintaining the AQIP website and that she will update it with the materials from the meetings held last fall.

A draft of the handouts for the upcoming forums will be e-mailed to the steering committee for their review before being finalized.


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