December 7, 2006

December 7, 2006

AQIP Steering Committee - UC Board Room

In Attendance: Rick Althaus, Christopher Davis, Jim Ermatinger, Christina Frazier, Allen Gathman, Adam Hanna, Dennis Holt, Crystal Kaufman, Carolyn Rainey, Bruce Skinner, David Starrett, Susan Swartwout, and Alissa Vandeven

Absent: Jane Stephens

Recorder: Christie Renner

Series of Meetings with Faculty and Staff

The Steering Committee will meet with faculty and staff to present a short list of Action Projects. Each of the deans have scheduled college meetings. A Brown Bag will be scheduled for Professional and CTS staff. The schedule for the meetings and which committee members will attend is as follows:

January 31
College of Education faculty members– J. Ermatinger, S. Swartwout, C. Rainey, R. Althaus
College of Science and Mathematics & School of Polytechnic Studies faculty members – C. Frazier, A. Gathman, D. Starrett

February 7
College of Liberal Arts faculty members – R. Althaus, S. Swartwout, J. Ermatinger
College of Business faculty members – D. Starrett, C. Frazier, C. Rainey, A. Gathman

February 14
College of Health and Human Services & Kent Library faculty members – R. Althaus, J. Ermatinger, C. Frazier, A. Gathman, C. Rainey, D. Starrett, S. Swartwout
Brown Bag (for staff) – B. Skinner, C. Kaufman, A. Vandeven, D. Holt, J. Stephens

D. Holt suggested that representatives from the committee attend a Student Government meeting to give an update on the AQIP process and review the Action Project short list. Student Government meetings are open and any student is welcomed. Information can also be posted on the student portal. The committee agreed and A. Hanna, President of Student Government, suggested the January 29 meeting. D. Holt and/or J. Stephens will attend. Other committee members are also welcomed to attend. Student Government meetings are held in UC 205 conference room.

Discussion of Action Projects (Short List)

The committee began discussion of the short list of Action Projects to present to campus. Drafts of Action Project descriptions were distributed (and e-mailed prior to the meeting). Timelines need to be added to the Action Projects.

Discussion led into the Steering Committee’s actual role in overseeing the Action Projects. Statements were made that the Action Project Team should have broad representation and that a Steering Committee member should serve as a liaison. Questions were raised on who proposes the membership of the Action Project Team, and does a Steering Committee member actual serve on the team.

It was determined that an extended AQIP Steering Committee meeting should be scheduled in early January to discuss the role of the Steering Committee’s involvement with the Action Project Teams and to decide what should be presented at the meetings with faculty and staff.

A suggestion was made to look at past Action Project descriptions online to see how they were managed.


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