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August 3, 2006

August 3, 2006

AQIP Steering Committee Meeting - UC Mississippi Room

In Attendance: Rick Althaus, Christopher Davis, James Ermatinger, Allen Gathman, Adam Hanna, Dennis Holt, Crystal Kaufman, Carolyn Rainey, Bruce Skinner, Jane Stephens, Susan Swartwout

Absent: Chris Frazier, David Starrett

Recorder: Christie Renner

AQIP Application Update

D. Holt shared congratulations to the group for their hard work in completing the AQIP application. The application was accepted. The university is now an AQIP institution. The President is very much in support of the initiative and Dr. Holt encourages everyone to attend the President’s annual meeting at the start of school.

Action Projects

J. Stephens reported that AQIP has been on all the agendas at the retreats that were held this summer. The Examiner was reviewed and Criteria 5 (Leading and Communicating) was closely looked at. Communication has been identified as an issue.

J. Stephens stated that participants at the retreats were asked to submit potential action projects (topics).

Three Action Projects will be chosen. As one is completed, another Action Project will be added.

Fall 2006 Highlights

The NSSE results should be received around the 3rd week of August. D. Holt stated that the steering committee will be one of the first groups to look at the results. As soon as Holt receives the results, a copy will be sent to the committee and be discussed at the next meeting.

On Thursday, October 19, AQIP is sponsoring an Internet videoconference titled AQIP: Issues, Questions, & Controversies. Steve Spangehl will be a guest. The videoconference is for new AQIP Institutions. Participants will get tips on how to get the most from the Strategy Forum and how to prepare a systems portfolio. The committee agreed the videoconference should be opened up to the entire campus community.

The Strategy Forum that the University will be participating in is scheduled for November 14 – 17, in Lisle, IL (a suburb of Chicago). The purpose of the forum is to evaluate proposed Action Projects and get feedback. The President is interested in taking 12 people. If any committee member is interested in attending, they should inform Christie Renner. J. Stephens and D. Holt will discuss the list of names with the President. A decision on who will make up the team will be made a week from Monday. Holt stated that it is important to have representation from faculty and staff. Homework will need to be completed before the forum.

The Steering Committee will meet early December to make final recommendations on the Action Projects to the President and Administrative Council.


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