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April 21, 2006

April 21, 2006

AQIP Steering Committee Meeting - Johnson Faculty Center

In Attendance: Co-Chair Stephens, Rick Althaus, Jim Ermatinger, Christina Frazier, Adam Hanna, Dane Huxel, Bruce Skinner, and Susan Swartwout

Absent: Co-Chair Holt, Allen Gathman, Crystal Kaufman, Carolyn Rainey, David Starrett

Recorder: Christie Renner

Handouts e-mailed prior to meeting: agenda, DRAFT of Question 1, Criterion 4; DRAFT Criterion 5; Question 1, Criterion Two, bullets 2, 3, and 4; Revised Draft Question 2; Timeline; andminutes from 4-7-06 meeting

Minutes: S. Swartwout moved to approve the 4/7/06 minutes and C. Frazier seconded. The minutes were unanimously approved. C. Frazier added that the minutes have been very helpful to the writing subcommittee in preparing the application for the committee’s review.

AQIP Application Update

The writing subcommittee will put the application together for the committee’s review. The deadline to submit the application is May 5. Provost Stephens stated that due to time constraints, the draft application will be e-mailed to the committee for their review and members will be asked to submit any final suggestions/recommendations. After consideration of input provided back from the committee, the application will be considered final and be ready for submission.

Examiner Update

Provost Stephens stated that at the April 28 meeting the committee will review and discuss the summary provided by D. Holt concerning the Examiner results.

Consultant for Examiner Evaluation Update

Provost Stephens suggested Jeanie Crain may be a good person to ask to be a consultant. D. Holt stated that she is a trainer at the AQIP Peer Reviewer Training. Discussion on the consultant will be held at the next meeting, April 28.

Review of Draft Question 1, Criterion 4

General Education should be added after General Education on page 1, since General Education is unique to Southeast MO State University.

See changes made to the attached draft.

Review of Draft Criterion 5

See changes made to the attached draft.

Review of Question 1, Criterion Two, bullets 2, 3, and 4

See changes made to the attached draft.

Review of Revised Draft Question 2

See changes made to the attached draft.


C. Frazier talked about the timeline. A revised timeline was distributed. Provost Stephens stated it was important for committee members to read the draft application closely and provide feedback.

Other Items

C. Frazier stated that there are two sets of bullets that will need to be reviewed at the next meeting. The drafts will be e-mailed prior to the meeting. The writing subcommittee will begin to put the application together for the committee’s review.

Provost Stephens commended the committee’s involvement in the process of writing the application. She also commended the writing subcommittee on their hard work.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 28, at 2:30 pm.


One University Plaza, MS 4600
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701