course descriptions

Calculus AB – GI623

An institute designed to prepare high school mathematics teachers to teach AP* Calculus courses in their high schools, to review and reinforce calculus methods, to help the teachers to understand and to teach the non-routine and abstract problems of calculus, and to integrate graphing calculators in teaching of calculus.

Calculus BC - GI624

This institute assists secondary school mathematics teachers in offering an Advanced Placement Calculus course in their schools. The institute is taught over a one or two-week period for a total of 45 hours. Prerequisite: Mathematics teacher certificate. (3)

Computer Science Principles – More information coming soon!

English Language & Composition – GI609

An institute designed to prepare high school teachers to develop a curriculum that will prepare their students to take the Advanced Placement Language and Composition examination and to discuss and develop effective pedagogical techniques for teaching various types of prose passages and to practice evaluation of student writing. (3)

English Literature & Composition – GI610

This course is designed to assist high school teachers in implementing a curriculum that will prepare their students to successfully take the College Board's Advance Placement Literature and Composition examination. (3)

U.S. History – GI622

A workshop designed to prepare high school teachers to teach the AP American History course in their high schools. Focus is upon the factual content, methods of historical interpretation and pedagogy appropriate to a college equivalent course. Prerequisite: Qualifications for and experience in teaching history at the high school level. (3)

World History – More Information coming soon!

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