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Agribusiness - Ag Systems Management

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Why Ag Systems Management?

  • If you enjoy practical management with supervision of people and equipment
  • If you are detail oriented with a desire to optimize safety and budgets within organizations
  • If you would like to be responsible for updating and improving agricultural programs
  • If you enjoy bridging the gap between the technology and the agricultural sciences

All Agribusiness Ag System Management Majors will take the Agribusiness Core, 35 hours of classes that match all Agribusiness Options. With the Ag Systems Management option, you will be required to take 32 hours of systems management oriented focus plus 9 credit hours in the below options. These are the required courses for Ag Systems Management:

  • MA 223 Elementary Probability and Statistics (3 hours)
  • PH 120 Introductory Physics (5 hours)
  • AY 320 Meat Science (3 hours)
  • AG 444 Spatial Analysis in GIS (3 hours)
  • AG 303 Agriculture Mechanization (3 hours)
  • AG 327 Sustainable Agriculture OR AG 440 Precision Agriculture (3 hours)
  • IU 317 System Thinking for Everyone (3 hours)

After that you will pick from one of the following tracts depending on your career goals, experiences, and advisor advice.

Program Options

This option offers 9 credit hours focused on the electrical aspects of Ag Systems Management.

  • ET 160 Basic Electricity & Electronics (3 hours)
  • ET 365 Industrial Electrical Power (3 hours)
  • ET 470 Energy Management (3 hours)

This option offers 9 credit hours focused on Facilities Management in relation to Ag Systems Management.

  • FM 504 Facilities Management (3 hours)
  • FM 554 Facilities Operations and Supervision (3 hours)
  • FM 565 Building Automation and Technology (3 hours)


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