Master Advisor Program

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Master Advisor Program

“Effective retention programs have come to understand that academic advising is at the very core of successful institutional efforts to educate and retain students.” V. Tinto

The Master Advisor Program has been created to improve the quality of academic advising for Southeast Missouri State University students by providing faculty and professional staff advisors with appropriate training, professional development, evaluation, and recognition. The program is designed to create a core of highly skilled academic advisors who provide high quality academic advising to undergraduate students. Upon completion of the program, participants will be equipped with a variety of resources to serve as advising leaders in their home department.

Workshop Dates

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Dates for Upcoming Master Advisor Workshops – 30 participants for each workshop

The Master Advisor Workshop for Master Advisor Certification will take place from 8am - 5pm and will include a light continental breakfast, lunch, and mid-afternoon snack.

  • Tuesday, May 14, 2019 (registration will be available closer to the date)

Master Advisor Series Topical Workshops

The topical workshops are re-certification opportunities for current Master Advisors. Others are welcome to attend a topical workshop (no certification credit available).

  • Advising Transfer Students - Friday, March 22, 2019, 2-4 pm, Kent Library 215 
  • Building Success for Students on Academic Probation – Wednesday, April 17th, 3:00-4:30 pm, UC Program Lounge

Master Advisor Program Handbook

Updated 1/22/2019

Updated 1/22/2019

Updated 1/22/2019

Updated 1/22/2019

Updated 1/22/2019

Outstanding Academic Advisor Award

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should advisors participate in the Master Advisor program?

Academic advisors play a key role in supporting students to ensure they have a successful college experience. Training and professional development prepare advisors to provide the highest level of expertise, and is the primary reason that the Master Advisor Program was developed.

Once advisors complete the initial intensive workshop, they gain a designation of Master Advisor. This distinction makes them eligible for newly established rewards and recognition, providing an additional incentive and motivation to participate.

Have current faculty been involved in the development of the Master Advisor Program?

Yes! When the program was initially proposed by the Office of the Provost in summer 2016, a faculty advisory board was formed that is comprised of 25 faculty members. This group has played an important role in the creation of this program. Although the initial workshop is primarily being developed by the Centers for Academic Advising, the intention is to have Master Advisors involved in the delivery of future workshops.

How is the Master Advisor Program Delivered?

Faculty and professional staff advisors attend an initial intensive workshop that will be offered multiple times throughout the year.

What topics are covered in the initial Master Advisor Workshop?
  • Basic and advanced advising strategies and techniques
  • Ethical issues related to advising
  • Technologies and resources used in advising
  • Academic policies and procedures
  • Changes to curriculum that impact advisors
What is expected after becoming a Master Advisor?

Master advisors continue to increase knowledge and skills by attending at least two additional one-hour workshops within two years of completing the initial Master Advisor Workshop. These topical workshops will be presented throughout the academic year on a variety of topics related to academic advising.