Upper Level UI Course Changes Fall 17

Effective Fall 2017, incoming students will no longer be required to take 9 hours of upper level General Education courses (courses with UI or IU prefixes at the 300, 400, and 500 level). This includes the 6 hours of Interdisciplinary Seminars and the 3 hours of Senior Seminar. Students who enrolled at Southeast prior to Fall 2017 are still required to take these 9 hours for graduation UNLESS they specifically request to change their catalog (Undergraduate Bulletin) year for General Education.
This reduction in hours will enable many students to complete their degree programs more quickly, with less cost and time to finish. This change will also bring Southeast in alignment with a new statewide initiative to bring all general education programs to 42 credit hours, as well as to make transfer credit count more consistently.
Students who are in catalog years prior to fall 2017 may request to update their General Education requirements to the new program. You can ask to change just your catalog year for General Education without changing your major or minor requirements. Students may submit the request to change to the new General Education program to the Registrar’s Office either by completing the form available in the Registrar’s Office or making the request via the Southeast email account to registrar@semo.edu.
Some still will if specific upper-level UI or IU courses are required for the major and/or minor. There are more than fifty majors that include requirements from these courses, such as UI400 (Business Ethics), required for all Business Administration degree students. Over 20 minors also include UI or IU requirements. Check your Degree Works and Degree Map, then consult with your academic advisor, to be sure.
Some of these courses that have not been taught for several years are likely to disappear; others may be created in the future. Still other existing courses are required for specific majors and minors and will continue to be offered (there are over 50 majors and over 20 minors that require one or more of these courses). Students should carefully check their Degree Works and Degree Map to verify whether their major requires one of these courses. They should also check to see whether a specific course they may be interested in will count toward a minor and whether their individual degree map allows elective credit hours.
In some cases, these courses could also be helpful in completing the graduation requirement for all students to complete 39 or more upper-level (junior and senior) credit hours. Students with majors such as the Bachelor of General Studies that allow many options to fulfill this upper-level requirement might find these courses especially useful.
UI100 is still required for all students that enter Southeast with 24 or fewer hours when they take their first course at the university. This change only impacts upper-level General Education courses; UI100 is a freshman-level class.
Yes. The university is undergoing a major review of the overall program, consistent with a statewide initiative to make general education more consistent at public colleges and universities. This new structure should be in place for fall 2018. Similar to the change in upper-level requirements, it would only impact new students, unless a student specifically asks to be covered in the new program.


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