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Frequently Asked Questions

Data Questions

Yes, using the Data Request Form a department can request a list of names and addresses to be used to send mailings to alumni and other University constituents. However, all mail lists will be sent directly to Central Receiving to be matched with department mailers. We will not provide personal information of individuals directly to departments for security purposes.

Absolutely! After completing the Data Request Form, a member of the University Advancement Services team will be assigned your request. This person will work with you to capture all pertinent data requirements for your email blast and send it directly to the University Communications & Marketing Department. Your department should also work with Marketing to provide the newsletter you’re wanting to send. These two items will be matched up, and the email will be sent. E-mail address lists will not be provided directly to departments.

Unfortunately, University Advancement Services does not design, proofread, edit, etc. any mailings, emails, and/or other communications that will be sent to Constituents on your department’s behalf. In order to find the appropriate help, please contact the University Marketing and Communications Department at

Due to privacy policy standards, University Advancement Services does not provide individual information directly to departments in order to maintain a level of security for our donors and constituents. This is not a personal punishment. No departments will be provided personal, private information of Constituents for communication purposes without the appropriate approval from necessary authorities. This is also done to ensure data accuracy of lists. We don’t want anyone using old lists for new mailings. Address, e-mail, and phone records are updated in our system on a daily basis so only recent requests reflect those changes.

You can fill out the Project Request Form found on the Advancement Services or University Communications & Marketing website The form is easy to follow and will ask you for all pertinent information needed for your project. If data is needed for your project, you will then be re-directed to the Data Request Form. If additional data information is needed for any reason, a University Advancement Services representative will contact you directly. If you need more detail regarding a Project Request through the University Marketing & Communications Department, please contact them directly.

Gift Processing Questions

Please complete the Gift Processing Deposit Form found on the main page of the University Advancement Services website. This form will guide you through all necessary information and provide you with further instructions as to how to deliver the funds.

Please fill out the  Event Request Form found on the University Advancement Services main webpage.

If you have any questions about the Gift Processing forms, please contact Jackie McAllister at x5916 or Nikki Simon at x2185. We will be happy to assist you and find the best solution for your event.


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