Will To Do Award

A new need-based aid scholarship for eligible Pell students

Paying for college can be a challenge, and we understand that going to college may not seem possible when considering all the costs. It can add up quickly. But, what if it doesn't have to be such a burden?

At Southeast Missouri State University, we believe in the value of getting a high-quality education without the high cost, and we think everyone should have access to just that. That's why we created the Will to Do Award. This scholarship helps families send their students to college with the confidence they need to focus on what really matters. Their education.

$0 Tuition and General Fees for Eligible Pell Students


  • Admission Application: December 1, 2019
  • FAFSA: March 1, 2020
  • Verification and Special
    Circumstances: July 31, 2020


  • Federal Pell Grant eligible
  • Missouri Resident
  • 2.75 cumulative high school GPA
  • Enrolled full-time
  • Available to beginning freshmen enrolling in fall 2020


  • Meet deadline and eligibility requirements
  • 2.75 cumulative Southeast GPA
  • 24 earned Southeast credit hours annually
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