College is Possible 

At Southeast Missouri State University, we believe every student who dreams of a college education should have access to it. We don't want you to be discouraged because of the cost or miss out on the opportunity because you're not familiar with the college process. That's why we created the Office of College Planning. Through group presentations and personalized planning sessions, this resource aims to help families, students, teachers, and counselors navigate the college planning process. We want to reduce barriers to college access while giving students and families the confidence they need to go after their goals and celebrate when they achieve them. 

What does the Office of College Planning do?

We help in any way we can, including offering group presentations via school visits and community programs, meeting one-on-one with parents and students, and by training counselors and teachers who support students through the college planning process. Our goal is to give you and your family support to successfully navigate the college planning process. That includes the tools to find the college that is the best fit and helping you and your parents or guardians understand the financial aid process. We'll also help you find and apply for private scholarships, so you can graduate college with less debt.

Why do we help students through the college planning process?

We believe every student who dreams of going to college deserves a chance and should not be deterred because they don't know the steps to take to make it happen. That is why we work diligently with prospective students, so they have the tools needed to make an educated decision about their future.

Is college worth it?

Yes! In today's work world, it is more costly not to advance your education. College graduates make $1.4 million more over their lifetime than non-grads. Non-degree jobs are four times as likely to be automated in comparison to jobs requiring a degree. As the population ages, 83% of businesses are struggling to find workers with the right skills. By 2029, employers in nearly every state will face significant shortages of qualified workers. The estimated shortage of workers with a bachelor's degree or higher in 2029 will range from 200k-400k in Missouri and 400k-600k in Illinois.

Take the First Steps 

It’s perfectly understandable to need some assistance as you weigh your college options. It’s a big decision and there’s plenty of paths to take. The Office of College Planning has developed a College Planning 101 course to help guide you through this big decision. In addition, we’re also available for sessions directly with you and your family. The information surrounding whether or how to go to college can be overwhelming; we’re here to help.

College Planning 101

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