Alternative Admission Options

Applicants who don't meet our regular admission requirements may qualify for one of the below alternative admission options.
If you have questions, please contact us at (573) 651-2590 or

Admission procedures are subject to change at any time.

Provisional Admission

Freshman applicants who are deficient in one or two core courses (not in the same core area) have the opportunity to take the course(s) with a local college to make up the deficiency so they can be admitted.

Transfer applicants can also utilize this option to make up core or transfer GPA deficiencies.


Southeast is a regional comprehensive university. A part of Southeast's mission is serving the immediate 50-mile radius of Cape Girardeau. The below admission options are available to students attending high school within a 50-mile radius of Cape Girardeau. Under certain circumstances some of these options are offered to students outside of this radius.

Step up to Southeast

Freshman applicants are admitted under the Step Up to Southeast program if they don’t meet regular admission, provisional admission or Academic Coaching Program (below) admission requirements. Enrollment is restricted to Southeast’s Kennett and Sikeston campuses. The first fall semester of enrollment is limited to nine credit hours (three courses) for the first four weeks. If the student maintains satisfactory performance, (including attendance, participation in class discussion, assignments, and tests) the student may enroll in UI100 First Year Seminar to gain full-time status (12 credit hours). Students are eligible to enroll at the Cape Girardeau campus upon completion of 12 credit hours with a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA.

Academic Coaching Program

The Academic Coaching Program (ACP) connects first-year students to the Southeast's academic support services. Students in the program work with an academic coach to identify academic challenges and develop a plan for academic success. Students are selected for this program based on a minimum ACT/SAT composite and cumulative GPA. Students admitted through this program may enroll as degree-seeking students, but they are limited to 6 credit hours for their first summer semester and 12 credit hours for their first fall semester (full time).

Summer Probation

Freshman applicants with a minimum ACT/SAT and GPA who meet core requirements or are missing one or two core courses (not in the same core area), are selected for this program. Students are required to complete a specific 3-credit hour course on Southeast’s campus the summer after their senior year. If students pass the course with a C or higher, they may continue in the fall at Southeast under the Academic Coaching Program (above).


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