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View our State of the Art Facilities
  • High-tech, multimedia classrooms enhance—even accelerate—today’s fast-paced learning, keeping you up-to-date with both the most current information and latest technology. 
  • All of Southeast’s departments are devoted to presenting students with the most up-to-date technical advances in their field and utilize state-of-the-art facilities
  • With more than 26 miles of fiber optic cable, 7,500 campus e-mail accounts and more than 2,200 computer workstations in five open labs (some of which are open 24 hours a day) on campus, you can check your e-mail or do research almost anywhere, day or night, whether you are on campus, at home or studying abroad.  
  •  The campus and Cape Girardeau community continue to provide wireless access.  From the University Center to Kent Library to the Honors House and Rowdy’s on campus, and from Barnes and Noble in the shopping mall to Grace’s Café downtown, students can use their laptop or Blackberry to access the internet at any time of the day or night!
  • All residence halls have 24-hour high-speed Internet access,allowing students to access any corner of the globe from the comfort of their own room.
  • Click and learn!  Using a personal response system (PRS), students use small remote devices (clickers) to respond to questions, voice their opinions – even take quizzes in many classes.  Unlike asking students to raise their hands, clickers ensure anonymity while providing real-time classroom feedback that can be displayed as a bar chart to the entire class.
  • Whether you’re interested in online courses to supplement your schedule or want to pursue your degree completely online, Southeast Online gives you the flexibility you need.  Southeast also offers webinar courses, where you use video conferencing software to see and hear your classmates while participating from any location with high-speed internet access.
  • Students majoring in education can work towards an “eLearning Certificate” which documents their preparation to effectively use technology to enhance student learning in the classroom.
  • Southeast American History classes use a World War II computer simulationgame in a high-tech teaching classroom.  The wireless laptop computers complete with styluses and interactive whiteboard allow students to manage a country at war whereby they negotiate treaties and build armaments, focus on domestic needs and confer with allies and enemies – all online!
  • Several Southeast classes allow you to download and play podcasts or vodcasts, which allows you to review the day’s material on your own time.
  • Southeast offers a variety of courses to feed your technology appetite.  As a future business manager, you may want to take Computer Network Security.  If you have a penchant for games, indulge in Game Programming, a course that highlights the fundamentals of a popular and lucrative career.  Robotic Fundamentalsis a favorite course for “technies” who have a vision for machine systems.
  • The College of Education uses an electronic portfolio for all teacher education programs.  This system maintains files, graphics and other performance data students must have for each semester and allows students to maintain their portfolio for constant access and for faculty evaluation, even after graduation.  They can add to their professional credentials, update their resume and other certifying documents and then send it electronically to principals or human resource officers as they search for teaching positions.


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