Purchasing Card Program

FY20 Purchasing Card Program Changes

As of July 1, 2019, the following changes are being made to the Purchasing Card Program:  

The Purchasing Card Reconciliation due date will change from the 5th to the 10th of each month.  This provides additional time for cardholders and departments to reconcile their purchasing card transactions.  With this extension, it is recommended that Non-Travel Reports include all monthly transactions, not just the transactions in the U.S. Bank statement cycle.

Purchasing Card applicants will have additional options for single transaction and monthly credit limits.  The standard limits will remain at $5,000 for both single and monthly.  A high limit option for both will be available at $10,000.  Other limits are still available with justification.  Current cardholders can request limit changes by completing a Card Maintenance Request Form.

 The Purchasing Card Program is to provide faculty and staff with a convenient, cost‐effective method of purchasing and paying for low dollar‐value goods and services and travel expenses. The Program is designed to replace small dollar‐value purchases, direct pays, and out-of-pocket prepayments,as well as to reduce the use of petty cash and employee reimbursements for small dollar purchases.

Purchasing Card Manual
Access Online - US Bank
Quick Reference Guide for Access Online

Purchasing Card Reconciliation 

Current Due Date:  2/10/2020 for December transactions

Purchasing Card transactions must be reconciled on an expense report in Chrome River: 

  • All transactions not related to travel for the cardholder must be reconciled AND submitted/approved by the expense owner in Chrome River by the 5th day of the month following the billing cycle close date. 
  • All transactions related to travel for the cardholder must be reconciled on an expense report in Chrome River by the 5th day of the month following the billing cycle close date.  These must be submitted by the end of the month following the cardholder's trip once all expenses for the trip (pcard and reimbursements) are added to the report. 

Transactions may be reconciled by statement cycle or by calendar month. 

A $25 late fee will be assessed to the department’s budget for each cardholder whose transactions are not reconciled by the 10th of the month.



Purchasing Card Application
Card Mantenance
Missing Receipt
Card Cancellation
Tax Exempt Certificate (available on Portal, Employee SS tab)


Frequently Asked Questions

University employees (full-time, part-time, term, or graduate assistants), who have the responsibility for making purchases on behalf of their departments, and/or travel for the University, and/or have the approval of his/her department head are eligible for a purchasing card. 

Eligible University employees may apply for a purchasing card by completing the Purchasing Card Application.  The completed and approved form can be emailed to purchasingcard@semo.edu.

Once the application is processed, the applicant must complete the required training courses before receiving their card.

Purchasing Cards can be used for authorized business purchases of commodity items and /or travel expenses.

  • The Purchasing Card Manual provides the University guidelines for when or when not to use a University Purchasing Card.
  • The Frequently Purchased Commodities and Services List is available on the Southeast Portal, Employe SS tab, in the Pruchasing Card Program block.  This list provides the acceptable purchasing processes for specific items.

Call US Bank, do not call Accounts Payable. 

  • Call the number on the back of your card to obtain the reason for the decline.
    • US Bank Customer Service
      • 800-344-5696 (within the US)
      • 701-461-2010 (outside the US)

The card could have been declined for the following reasons.

  • You have exceeded the single or monthly transaction limit for your card.
  • The bank has a security concern and has put a hold on your card.
  • The vendor's merchant category code is prohibited.

If necessary, complete a Card Maintenance form and send it to the Purchasing Card Team.

Complete a Card Maintenenace form and send it to the Purchasing Card Team.  The form must have the signatures of both the Cardholder and the Cardholder's Supervisor,
No, Foundation purchases are not allowed on the University Purchasing Card.
Each cardholder is responsible for the security of the card assigned to them and for all transactions on their card.

No, the University is tax exempt from sales tax.  It is the responsibility of the cardholder to inform the merchant that the University is tax exempt at the time of purchase.  A copy of the University's Tax Exemption Certificate is available on the Southeast Portal, Employee SS tab, Purchasing Card Program block.

 An itemized/detailed receipt is required for every transaction.  A valid inoivce/receipt will include the following:

  • Vendor Name
  • Purchase Date
  • Items purchased
  • Cost of each item
  • Total transaction amount

It is the cardholder's responsibility to make every effort to obtain a copy of any lost or missing documentation.

  • For Online purchases
    • Check your email, many merchants email order/purchase confirmations.
    • Check your account history on the vendor's site to obtain another copy.
    • Contact the vendor for a replacement
  • For In-store purchases
    • Contact the vendor for a replacement. 

If a replacment cannot be obtained, the cardholder must complete a Missing Receipt form and attach the form in place of the receipt when reconciling the transaction. 

The cardholder must attempt to resolve any disputes or billing errors directly with the vendor.  In most cases, the vendor will issue a credit to the purchasing card account.  If an agreement cannot be reached with the vendor, the cardholder must dispute the transaction with US Bank.

  • US Bank Customer Service
    • 800-344-5696 (within the US)
    • 701-461-2010 (outside the US)

It is the cardholder's responsibility to report a lost or stolen card by contacting US Bank immediately.  The cardholder must be prepared to provide the following information to the Bank Representative:  card number, main University address, cardholder's office telephone number, and a brief summary of what happened.  Lost or stolen cards reported by telephone are cancelled immediately. A replacement card will be issued and mailed to Accounts Payable within seven to ten business days after being reported.

  • US Bank Customer Service
    • 800-344-5696 (within the US)
    • 701-461-2010 (outside the US)
Attempt to get the charge credited back to the card.  If the vendor will not, the cost of the items will be deducted via payroll deduction.  The transaction must be reconciled in Chrome River using the Allocation: Personal Charge.

The cardholder is responsible for completing and submitting the appropriate form to the Purchasing Card Team. 

  • If authorized by new superviosr to keep the card, you must complete the Card Maintenace form.
  • If new supervisor does not authorize you to keep the card, you must complete the Card Cancellation form to turn in your card and complete the reconcilliation for any remaining credit card transactions in Chrome River.
  • Stop using the card immediately or at a minimum of two weeks prior to your last day. 
  • Reconcile and submit all remaining transactions in Chrome River. 
  • Complete the Card Cancellation form to turn in your card to the Purchasing Card Team before you leave the University.


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