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direct pay stamp

Direct Pay is a procedure for processing the Universities Expenditures that do not require a purchase order to be done. Please see the Direct Pay Guidelines for the procedures to determine weather a payment can be made Direct Pay.

Direct Pay stamps are distributed by Accounts Payable in the Banner Accounts Payable training class.

Example of Stamp


1 FY ___________ 2 CHART _____________

3 INDEX _______________________________

4 FUND _______________________________

5 ORG ________________________________

6 ACCT _______________________________

7 VENDOR# ___________________________

8 DESC _______________________________

9 AMOUNT _____________________________

10 SIGN ________________________________

11 DATE __________ 12 PHONE ___________


Explanation of items to be filled in by users

  • Fiscal Year Budget that charge should be paid from.
  • Bank chart for payment. U - University or F - Foundation
    • Note: F - Foundation documentation must be sent to the Foundation Office, not Accounts Payable.
  • Quick Code for the Fund/Org to be charged
    • Note: If Index is entered, you do not need to fill in the FUND and ORG fields.
  • Fund # to be charged
  • Organization # to be charged.
  • Account # to be charged.
  • Banner ID for this vendor. Find this on FTIIDEN (Native Banner) If you do not find your vendor listed on this table, please leave field blank. Accounts Payable will find or add the vendor to the Banner System.
  • Enter the Q# or a brief description of this purchase.
  • Dollar amount to be paid.
  • Approval signature of the Financial Manager.
  • Date of approval.
  • Phone number to call if there are any questions about this purchase.
  • Circle the appropriate response. If yes, attach appropriatedocumentation.


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