A graduate certificate can open the doors to advancement in your field by giving you a new or advanced skill set. Some certificates can even cover continuing education requirements for certain fields.

ELL Curriculum

Earning an ELL certification lets teachers learn how to address the needs of limited English proficient children in the K-12 classroom. You’ll build your understanding of methods and techniques specific to teaching english to these students, and the proper ways to assess their progress.

Required Course:   

Psychology and/or Education of the Exceptional Child (3 hours)

  • EX390 Psychology and Education of Exceptional Child (3) OR EX635 Psychology and Education of Children with Exceptionalities (3)

Literacy (Minimum of 6 hours)

Teaching Reading and Writing
  • EL316 Emergent Literacy (3) and EL317 Intermediate Middle School Literacy (3) OR SE307 Reading/Writing in the Content Area (3) OR EL644 Process of Reading (3)

Instructional Interventions for Students with Reading Deficits
  • EL354 Struggling Reader (3) OR SE390 Instructional Interventions for Middle and High School Students with Special Literacy Needs (3) OR EL647 Reading Assessment (3)

English Language Learners Content Knowledge Area (Minimum of 18 hours)

Linguistics and English Linguistics
  • EN378 Grammars of English (3) OR TL648 Foundations in Linguistics (3) OR UI501 Principles of Language (3)
Language and Culture or Sociolinguistics 
  • EN486 Sociolinguistics (3) OR EN686 Sociolinguistics (3)
Second Language Acquisition
  • TL525 Theories of Language, Learning and Teaching English Language Learners (3)
Instructional Techniques for Teaching English Language Learners
  • EN315 Foundations of Teaching English Language Learners (3) OR TL650 Approaches to Second Language Literacy Instruction (3)
Curriculum for Teaching English Language Learners
  • TL585 Method and Curriculum Design for Teaching English Language Learners (3)
Assessment Strategies for English Language Learners
  • TL425 Materials Development and Adaptation for Teaching ELL and English Language Learners Assessment (3) OR TL 625 Materials Development and Adaptation for Teaching ELL and English Language Learners Assessment (3)

Culminating Clinical Experiences with English Language Learners (three semester hours to include both elementary and secondary settings)

  • TL530 Practicum in Teaching English Language Learners (3)



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