With personal attention, our students in the Exercise Science major are prepared for their field upon graduation.

The exercise science option of health management at Southeast teaches students how to apply the physiological and mechanical principles learned in the classroom to clients of varying health status and fitness levels. One way in which this is done is through an array of experiential learning opportunities. When students complete the exercise science program, they have had ample opportunities to apply classroom knowledge and in the laboratory setting and in the field. 

What You’ll Do  

  • Have the opportunity to gain hundreds of hours of real-world experience prior to graduation. 
  • Gain a wide variety of exercise testing and exercise programming skills. 
  • Learn to apply basic scientific principles to a diverse clientele. 
  • Learn to address client’s specific needs in the development of an exercise regimen. 

What Can You Do with a Health Management: Exercise Science Degree?

Your education is just one piece to launching an extraordinary career. Once you’ve mastered the material, you still have to find the job you want, make the right connections, sell your knowledge and experience—and if all this is giving you anxiety, don’t panic. SEMO’s Career Services office is here to help you with the next step. They’ll provide the expertise and support you need, so you’re landing your dream job in no time. 

Internship and Employment Opportunities of Recent Graduates

  • Velocity Sport Performance
  • CrossFit 573
  • WellBridge by SSM Healthcare
  • Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Premier Rehabilitation
  • Monsanto Corporate Fitness
  • MediFit Corporation
  • Corporate Fitness Works
  • Vetta Sports
  • HealthPoint FitnessSoutheastHeath
  • Fitness PlusSt. Francis Medical Center
  • University of Missouri Strength and Conditioning
  • StLouis University Strength and Conditioning
  • Southeast Missouri State University Strength and Conditioning
  • Excel Sports and Physical Therapy

Outcomes & Careers 

  • 98% 

    Successful Outcomes Rate 

    98% of students in the Department of Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Recreation report being employed or furthering their education within six months of graduation. 


  • $51k 

    Recreational Therapist

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for a recreational therapist is $51,260. 




  • $62k

    Health Education Specialist

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for a psychologist is $62,120. 





  • $46k

    Exercise Trainers

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for a psychologist is $45,650. 


Health Management Exercise Science Degree Map

Explore the courses you'll need to complete your degree

What You'll Study

As a health management major, you’ll be not taught how to exercise but rather how to apply the physiological and mechanical principles learned in the classroom to clients of varying health status and fitness levels. You’ll complete a minimum of 120 credit hours to complete this degree, including the general education requirements and at least 39 senior division hours.

Health Management: Exercise Science option
(67 Hours Required – No minor required)

Required Courses:

  • FN235 Nutrition for Health (3)
  • HL111 Introduction to Health Management (3)
  • HL120 Health Perspectives (3)
  • HL231 Fitness Conditioning (3)
  • HL303 Research Methods (3)
  • HL312 Sport and Exercise Pharmacology (3)
  • HL331 Exercise Physiology (4) w/ Lab
  • HL332 Lifestyle Disease Risk Reduction (3)
  • HL431 Fitness Assessment (3)
  • HL460 Exercise Leadership (3)
  • HL498 Health Internship (12)*

A grade of ‘C’ is required in each core course.

*In order to enroll in the internship: students must have a grade point average of 2.5 in the major and overall in order to enroll in the internship; all major courses must be completed with a grade of ‘C’ or higher.

Exercise Science Option:

  • HL261 Exercise Science Practicum (3)
  • HL345 Principles & Practices of Resistance Training (3)
  • HL471 Fitness Facility Administration (3)
  • HL550 Exercise Programming for Special Populations (3)
  • PE464 Kinesiology (3)
  • TX251 Introduction to Athletic Injuries (3)
  • FN200-599 Nutrition Elective (3)*
  • HL300-500 Health Management Elective (6)

*Choose from FN255, FN355, FN370 or FN401

Prerequisite Courses:

Some courses may fulfill General Education requirements.

  • BS113 Anatomy and Physiology I (4) w/ Lab
  • BS114 Anatomy and Physiology II (4) w/ Lab
  • CH181 Basic Principles of Chemistry (5) w/ Lab & Recitation
  • MA123 Mathematical Reasoning & Modeling or higher level math (3)

A grade of ‘C’ or better is required in each support course.

"Critical Courses" are italicized and bolded. These courses are indicators of potential for success in the degree program.

Some requirements may be fulfilled by coursework in major program.

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences – 6 hours
  • Constitution Requirement – 3 hours
  • Written Communication – 6 hours
  • Oral Communication – 3 hours
  • Natural Sciences – 7 hours (from two disciplines, one to include a lab)
  • Mathematics – 3 hours
  • Humanities & Fine Arts – 9 hours (from at least two disciplines)
  • Additional requirements – 5 hours (to include UI100 for native students)
  • Civics examination

Freshman Year

Fall Semester (13 Hours) 

  • UI100 (1) 
  • EN100 (3) 
  • HL111 (3) 
  • HL120 (3) 
  • MA123 (3) 

Spring Semester (17 Hours) 

  • CH181/081/001 (5) 
  • FN235 (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • General Education (3) 

Milestone: Must complete MA 123 or higher level math and CH 181/081/001 with a grade of ‘C’ or better 

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester (16 Hours) 

  • BS113/013 (4) 
  • HL231 (3) 
  • HL261 (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • General Education (3) 

Spring Semester (17 Hours) 

  • BS114/014 (4) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • General Education (3) 
  • Elective (4) 

Milestone: Must complete BS 113 and BS 114 with a grade of ‘C’ or better 

Junior Year

Fall Semester (16 Hours) 

  • TX251 (3) 
  • HL331 (4) 
  • HL332 (3) 
  • FN Elective (3) 
  • HL Elective (3) 

Spring Semester (15 Hours) 

  • HL312 (3) 
  • HL345 (3) 
  • HL431 (3) 
  • HL471 (3) 
  • PE464 (3) 

Senior Year

Fall Semester (15 Hours) 

  • HL303 (3) 
  • HL460 (3) 
  • HL550 (3) 
  • HL Elective (3) 
  • Elective (3) 

Spring Semester (12 Hours) 

  • HL498 (12) 

Milestone: A major GPA of 2.5 is required for admission into HL498

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