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Mentor Expectations

  • Attend a meeting regarding ALL expectations and what it means to be a mentor
  • Attend one (1) individual meeting with program staff per semester
  • Meet with your Scholar on a regular basis
  • Generate and submit a working timeline for the research that you will be completing with your Scholar
  • Assist your Scholar with the design of his/her research
  • Guide your Scholar's research
  • Assist your Scholar in preparing a final research paper in the format suitable for publication in the discipline
  • Complete and submit an evaluation of your Scholar
  • Identify conferences and/or other professional meetings that your Scholar can attend
  • Assist your Scholar during the application process for Graduate Programs


Mentor Evaluation of Scholar
TRIO/McNair Reference Form

Previous Mentors

Avery Henry, Ph.D. - Communication Studies
Dana Branson, Ph.D. - Social Work
Santaneel Ghosh, Ph.D. - Engineering Physics
Bart Williams, M.F.A - Theatre and Dance
Stephen Nettelhorst, Ph.D. - Psychology
Jennifer Bengtson, Ph.D. - Modern Languages
Victor Wilburn, Ph.D. - Child and Family Studies
Willie Redmond, Ph.D. - Accounting, Economics and Finance
Shonta Smith, Ph.D. - Elementary Education
Monica Bixby Radu, Ph.D. - Criminal Justice and Sociology
Sarah Shaner, Ph.D. - Chemistry
John Kraemer, Ph.D. - Biology
Gabrielle Baffoni, Ph.D. - Music
Jenny Yang Cropp, Ph.D. - English
Francis Tayie, Ph.D. - Kinesiology, Nutrition and Recreation
Joni Hand, Ph.D. - Art History


University Center 206

McNair Scholars Program
One University Plaza, MS1350
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701