Southeast Missouri State University

Searching for a college is probably one of the most fun, yet challenging opportunities you will ever experience. The Southeast Admissions staff is knowledgeable and ready to assist you with your questions as they arise. Use this site to connect with your Southeast Admission Counselor.

Alix Gasser 

Assistant Director of Admissions for Communications

George Gasser

Admission Counselor

East Central Missouri, Franklin County in Missouri, Southern Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee and Indiana

Lenell Hahn

Director of Admissions

Teresa Haney

Assistant Director of Admissions for Recruitment

Cape Girardeau County, Perry County, Homeschool and GED

Katie Krodinger

Assistant Director of Admissions for New Student Programs

Alisa McFerron

Assistant Director of Admissions for Operations

Dan Presson

Admission Counselor

Southeast Missouri and Transfer

Alyssa Shetley
Admission Counselor

Central and Southern Illinois

Ciara Smith
Admission Counselor

Chicago and Northern Illinois

Donna Tucker
Assistant Director of Admissions for Transfer Recruitment
James Williams
Admission Counselor

St. Louis City, St. Louis North County, East St. Louis in Illinois, Kansas City and Southwest Missouri

Internal Office of Admissions Staff