Student writing

The Center for Writing Excellence provides writing support to the faculty, staff, and students of Southeast, as well as writers from beyond the campus. The Center has three main areas of activity.

Writing Proficiency Exams

The center oversees the administration and scoring of placement exams and outcomes assessment exams in college writing.

Writing Lab

An online and face-to-face resource to assist students at all levels to develop as writers.

Writing in the Disciplines

Support for faculty as writing instructors in their areas of expertise.

Quick Reference Guide

Tutorials for common writing problems, how-to formatting guides, and guides to both APA and MLA citation styles.

CWE Newsletter

Writing Wednesdays

  • Parallel Structure, Part 2

    Do you want your writing to be understood and remembered? Do you want it to be organized and powerful? What if I told you that one writing technique could help with all of those things?   Using parallel structure will improve the clarity, flow, and effectiveness of your writing. For example, in The Tragedy of […]
  • Parallel Structure, Part 1

    Once upon a time a professor handed out a writing assignment sheet. As she walked around the room, she reminded us to be consistent with verb tense, accurate with punctuation, and remember using parallel structure.* Wait . . . what?   Parallel structure is the repetition of a grammatical pattern within a sentence. Such patterns […]
  • “Look Here, See?”

    What kind of image does this little bit of dialogue conjure in your mind? Did you imagine an old man from the 1920s with a cigar in his mouth or did you see some punk kid imitating a lousy movie about gangsters? Depending on dialogue, a character can be seen in many different ways for […]
  • Procrastination

    Let me paint a word picture for you my lovely reader. You wake up in the morning, it is one of the final weeks of classes and you are ready for Christmas break. You climb out of bed, stretch your arms, and are ready to greet the day; maybe you even have a little breakfast. […]


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