While Web Design & Support does not work with Student Organization Web sites, occasionally we are asked about them. If you’re a student or a faculty advisor looking to build a new Web site for your registered student organization, you can view the steps below to get you started.

  1. Your organization must be registered with Student Government (registration must be submitted every academic year).  Information about the Student Organization Registration Process can be found on Southeast's Student Organizations Website. A student member of your organization needs to go to the Center for Student Involvement, UC 204, to view the Student Organization Information Session Online Module.  After viewing the module, you will receive a Student Organization Registration Form.  The registration form must be completed in its entirety and returned to Campus Life, UC 202.  At that time, the form will be reviewed by Student Government.  Until your organization is approved by Student Government, you may not host a website on the University’s server.
  2. Next, complete the production of your Web site. There are no explicit rules regarding the design of student organization Web sites, but generally they need to look professional and represent the university well. If you have any concerns about the design of your site, contact us and we will discuss your site with you.
  3. Once your site is completed contact Robert Lewis in Information Technology. He will work with you to upload your finished Web site on the University's server after confirming that your organization is registered with the CSI. His E-mail is relewis@semo.edu or you can reach him by phone at (573) 651-2217.   
Tips for Building a Student Organization Web site
Download: (Adobe PDF)

If you have any further questions about this process, please contact:


Campus Life

Robert Lewis, Information Technology
(573) 651-2217.