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The University's official name is "Southeast Missouri State University." When used in this manner, it must be spelled out with no abbreviations. Acceptable variations and conditions of use include "Southeast," "Southeast Missouri" and "Southeast Missouri State" in text reference in printed matter after the complete name has been established. These variations must never be used alone.

When referring to this University, the "U" should be capitalized. "SEMO," while not recommended in formal text, is an acceptable acronym as an affectionate nickname. When used, it must be without periods or spaces between the individual letters. The "Southeast" Logo in cursive print is an acceptable representation of the University. Because it does not contain the complete name of the University and may confuse the public, its use is limited to on campus.

There are no other acceptable variations to the University's name and its uses.

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The University Logo is a trademark of Southeast Missouri State University and is protected from unauthorized use.

The official Logo is the primary component of the Southeast Missouri State University graphics identity system.

  1. The distinctive Word Mark, "Southeast Missouri State University," may be used alone. The dome art, however, may not be used alone.
  2. As a general guideline, the minimum size of the words "Missouri State University" as they appear in the Word Mark is 8 points.
  3. Counterfeits or imitations may not be manufactured, used, displayed or sold.
  4. The Logo and its variations are to be reproduced from authorized reproductions available from the Office of Public Services/Publications. Computer generated Logos and Word Marks must be complete, proportional and precise. Poor digitized versions are not acceptable.
  5. The Logo and Word Mark must not be redrawn, reproportioned, modified or repeated to form an additional design symbol.
  6. The Logo and Word Mark must never be distorted in any way, e.g., overprinting, abstracting or altering the official design.
  7. The Logo and Word Mark must be printed in one color or the "reverse out" of one color. The Logo and its Word Mark may be embossed.
  8. Under no circumstances should the University Logo or Word Mark or any of its parts be incorporated into any other logo.

The Logo should always be used on stationery and other official documents which represent the University before its public. Those charged with its display should be conscious of where and when it will be seen. As a general guideline the Logo must be printed in its entirety without modifications.

The Logo or Word Mark of the University should appear on all University materials, which include, but are not limited to, publications, advertisements, websites, vehicles and clothing as well as other visual images. Other than in text reference, the name "Southeast Missouri State University," as it appears in the official Logo, should appear prominently (i.e., on the front cover).


The University seals and symbols are trademarks of Southeast Missouri State University and are protected from unauthorized use.

Image of the Presidential Seal

The Presidential Seal
This seal is intended for use for official University documents. It may not be used in any manner or context without the written permission of the Office of the President.

Image of the University Foundation Logo

University Foundation Logo
The Southeast Missouri University Foundation has its own official Logo. Under no circumstances should the Southeast Missouri University Foundation Logo or any of its parts be used without the express permission of the Vice President of University Advancement/Executive Director of the Foundation.

Image of the Student Government logo

Student Government
Student Government, with the guidance of University personnel, has developed a similar set of policies and procedures for Student Government and those organizations it registers.

Image of separate identifying symbols

Separate Identifying Symbols
Units, organizations, departments and offices within the University may not use or develop a separate identifying symbol. When the University is cooperating with outside organizations or institutions in which the preparation of visual materials requires identity symbols or emblems, University symbols (as described in these policies and procedures) may be used in conjunction with other organizational symbols. When this occurs, the University symbols are to be displayed apart from and equal to the visual prominence of the other symbols.

Separate emblems may be developed for ad hoc events such as Homecoming and Family Weekend, but they may not be used on a continued basis as a symbol or emblem of the sponsoring organization. These must be brought to the director of Public Services/Publications.

The official University slogan, or hereafter referred to as the slogan, was adopted by the campus in April 2002. The slogan, "Experience Southeast...Experience Success", must appear on all University materials, which include, but are not limited to, publications, advertisements (printed, audio and video), websites and any other visual images when possible. This slogan is a registered trademark. The slogan cannot take the place of the University Logo or Word Mark and it should be used in conjunction with either the Logo or Word Mark. The slogan can only be used in the following graphic configurations:

Image of the Southeast Missouri State University Slogan

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