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Southeast Missouri State University Brand Book

The visual identity program plays an important role in shaping the institutional image of Southeast Missouri State University. A strong and consistent visual identity helps shape the way key constituents view Southeast, now and in the future. Integration and consistency maximize every opportunity to share our values, mission and promise. When we look like one university and are recognized by our audiences as one, the depth and diversity of this great institution will be even more impressive.

The visual identity toolkit provides a guide to everyone responsible for creating communications and marketing materials for Southeast. The guidelines are to be applied to all uses of Southeast’s institutional images, whether for advertising, publications, video, Web content, signage, stationery or the countless other items that carry the Southeast Missouri State University brand to the world. The goal of this toolkit is to ensure that Southeast is represented consistently and optimally through all communications that we have with our many audiences, internal and external.

The Southeast visual identity program is not designed to inhibit the expression of unique messaging and personalities specific to individual colleges, schools or programs. Rather, it has been created to provide a comprehensive structure for presenting complex, variable information with logic and a visual rationale. Ultimately it should help all those who communicate on behalf of Southeast work more efficiently and effectively.


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