1. From the Training & Development website click the Register now! button located on the left-hand menu.  The Welcome page will be displayed. (This system is on a secure server to protect employee personal information.) Note: You may wish to bookmark the Welcome page for easier future access.
  2. Sign-in by selecting the appropriate Group, entering your Southeast Key, and your Southeast Key Password and click Sign-In.  A Successful Sign-In message should appear.
  3. To view offerings or to build your selections list, click the Course List button.  The Select Department for Training Courses page will be displayed. From this page you can view courses and apply to attend courses from two areas: Training & Development and Information Technology. Choose the area of courses you wish to view. To view all courses in this area, simply click the department button for that area.      
  4. To view courses in a specific area (i.e., Mainframe/Accounting, Microsoft Office, Personal Enrichment, etc.), click the drop down box and select the Category.  Then click the department button.  The Training Courses will be displayed.
  5. To view a course description, click on the blue course name.  A new browser window opens to display the description.  After reviewing the description, close the description window to return to the Training Courses page.
  6. To add a course to your Selections List, click the Select button for that course.  The My Selections page will appear displaying the course just selected.  You may continue selecting or submit your selections at this time.
  7. To eliminate a course from your Selections List, click the Remove button.
  8. After completing your Selections List, you must click the Submit Selections button to apply for the courses.  Depending on the courses selected, the Supervisor Lookup page may be displayed.
  9. Supervisor approval is required for some courses.  If prompted, please enter your supervisor's full last name, then click the Lookup button.  Your supervisor's name and department will be displayed.  Complete your course submittal by clicking the Select button to identify your supervisor.
  10. You may Continue Selecting or exit the system at this time.
  11. To exit the Workshop Registration System, return to Registration Home and click the Sign Out button to complete your session.
  12. If your courses require approval, a message will be electronically generated to the designated supervisor advising them of your application to attend a specific course.  The supervisor is asked to reply on the registration site, advising whether attendance at the workshop/seminar is approved or denied.
  13. If approved, a seat is reserved and a confirmation notice is mailed to you. If denied, your name will remain on the waiting list.
  14. You can check the status of the classes that you have applied for at any time. Simply Sign-In to the Workshop Registration System and click Applied on the Registration Homepage.  A listing of the upcoming courses you have applied for will be displayed along with their current status.
  15. To display a list of all the training courses you attended during the current fiscal year, click the Attended button.
  16. Cancellations must be made not less than 3 business days prior to the day of the scheduled session in order not to be considered a "No Show."  Click the Applied button to display or cancel a class.


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