Spring 2017


Michael McIntosh (Email: mmcintosh@semo.edu)

Catalog Description and Credit Hours of Course

Training and practical, hands-on experience in performance, crew work, and all aspects of technical production through active participation in the mounting of departmental productions. May be repeated. (one-hour credit)



Purposes or Objectives of the Course

  • To develop an appreciation of the backstage preparations for theatre and dance productions;
  • To develop a basic understanding of the various jobs in theatre and dance;
  • To develop a basic understanding of the various materials and tools used in productions;
  • To develop and nurture artistic skills in theatre and dance;
  • To develop a basic vocabulary associated with theatre and dance

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will create a professional-quality resume
  • Students will demonstrate proper rehearsal and performance etiquette
  • Students will accurately perform costume/scene shop skills including sewing, painting, measuring and cutting

Expectations of Students

  • Students are required to complete 16 hours of lab time;
  • Students are required to attend Big River, Spring into Dance 2017, The Diviners, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream;
  • Students are required to attend all Wednesday seminars;
  • Students are required to satisfactorily complete a production assignment for one conservatory main stage production.

Course Outline

Although not every area listed below will be covered each week, a typical format is as follows:

  1. Bring your SEMO ID to be counted as present
  2. Conservatory Announcements
  3. Current Main Stage Productions Announcements – Stage Manager and/or Director
  4. Current Student Production Announcements – Director/Choreographer
  5. Outside Guests (when appropriate)
  6. Daily Topic (e.g. resumes, stress reduction techniques, acting class scenes, costume/scene shop basics, dance technique combinations, vocal presentations, building a website, auditions, etc.)

Required Materials and Equipment

  • Your SEMO identification card.
  • Ticket stubs for all theatre and dance productions stapled to a piece of paper.
  • A notebook, pen, and calendar. If you live in the twenty-first century, you may bring your phone instead.
  • Lab Dress:
    • Closed-toe shoes ONLY that are secured on your feet and that have a good tread
    • Absolutely no flip flops
    • Long pants and shirt that can be tucked in and sleeves that roll up. No yoga or dance pants, please.
    • No loose or baggy clothing
    • Clothing should be something you are okay getting dirty
    • No jewelry
    • Long hair should be pulled back
    • Drinks with lids only!
    • No phones or other personal devices
  • If you are not dressed appropriately for shop, you may be dismissed. You cannot make up this time.

Basis for Student Evaluation

  • (35%) 35 Points Successful completion of lab hours--16 total lab hours for semester.
    • This requirement will be graded pass/fail. Students will only receive points if they complete all 16 hours.
    • Each student is required to complete four hours of work per week (two days of two hours) for a four-week period in either the scene shop or costume shop.
    • Students will be pre-assigned a four-week block and shop.
    • The blocks are:
      • Block 1: Jan 23-Feb 17
      • Block 2: Feb 20 – Mar 10/Mar 20 – March 24
      • Block 3: Mar 27 – April 21
    • Sign-ups for specific days/times will begin two weeks prior to the start of the block except for Block 1 which will begin immediately.
  • (34%) 34 Points Satisfactory production participation assignment.
    • The production assignment is a pass/fail grade.
    • Strike is a requirement of this assignment. Students who do not participate in strike for their assigned production will receive no points for this portion of the class.
    • Production Assignments will be made using an online survey that all students are required to complete even if a student has already been cast or assigned a crew position. All surveys need to be filled out by Wednesday, January 25th at 5PM.
    • If a student does not complete the online production survey by the deadline, the student will automatically fail their production participation regardless of status in a production.
    • Crew assignments will be posted no later than the third Wednesday class meeting. If you are assigned a crew position that will not work for you, you have until 5pm on Friday, February 3rd to contact the Technical Director about re-assignment. After that date, you must either fulfill the original assignment or you will fail the production participation portion of your grade.
  • (31%) 31 Points Attendance at the productions listed above.
    • You must submit one piece of paper with tickets stapled to it. The tickets must be student tickets for Big River, Spring into Dance 2017, The Diviners, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. If you worked on a show and could not see it, please note that on your piece of paper.
  • Total points = 100 for the semester

Daily Assignments

We will work on a daily assignment system. There are 12 class sessions and during each class you will receive and complete an assignment. The assignments consist of breakout sessions, viewing your peers’ work, and hearing important announcements. You must complete at least 10 assignments to pass the class.

What happens if I don't complete an assignment?

If you miss two daily assignments your letter grade will go down one letter. If you miss three daily assignments, you will receive an F for the course. If you miss an assignment due to illness or other reason, documentation will be needed (a doctor’s note, for example). An alternate assignment will be arranged with the student.

What happens if I sign in and skip a breakout session?

Your faculty is working hard to bring you quality and effective breakout sessions. Any student found signing in for class and then skipping a breakout session (even once) may receive a failing grade for the class. Falsifying attendance is academic dishonesty. The University defines academic dishonesty to include those acts, which would deceive, cheat, or defraud to promote or enhance one's scholastic record. In addition to receiving an F for the course, all official academic honesty avenues will be pursued which can include disciplinary probation, suspension and expulsion. Please see the University Academic Honesty Policy: http://www.semo.edu/facultysenate/handbook/5d.html.

What happens if I leave class early?

If you leave class early, you will not receive credit for that day’s assignment. If you leave a breakout session early, (even one) you may receive a failing grade for the course. Emphasis is laid upon “I have to leave class early to get to another class on main campus.” Extra emphasis is placed upon said class on main campus being “a class that I need or I won’t graduate and it’s not offered at any other time.”

What happens if I come to class late?

Being late to this class is defined as arriving at 12:01 PM or after. As you are missing important material when you are late, late arrivals will count as one-half an absence. You must inform the instructor in person that you arrived late before we split for breakout sessions. Failure to do so will result in missing an entire assignment. Emphasis is laid upon “I have a class on main campus right before this one.” Extra emphasis is placed upon said class on main campus being “a class that I need or I won’t graduate and it’s not offered at any other time.”

The Student Bulletin states...

“Students are expected to attend all classes and to complete all assignments for courses in which they are enrolled. An absence does not relieve the student of the responsibility to complete all assignments. If an absence is associated with a university-sanctioned activity, the instructor will provide an opportunity for assignment make-up. However, it is the instructor’s decision to provide, or not to provide, make-up work related to absences for any other reason.”

What if I have announcement that I’d like to make?

Fantastic! Please email it to me and I will forward it conservatory-wide. Make sure your email is clear and includes a contact email for any questions. You will not be able to make announcements in class.


Accessibility Statement

Statement of Whom to Contact with Concerns

Questions, comments or requests regarding this course should be taken to your instructor. Unanswered questions or unresolved issues involving this class may be taken to Dr. Kenneth L. Stilson, Conservatory Chair.

Civility and Harassment Statement

Academic Honesty Statement

The Schedule of Events

January 18 Welcome Back: Syllabus, Calendar and Announcements
Breakout Groups
Shop Block 1: Orientation
Senior Showcase (Kenn)
January 25 Breakout Groups
All: Dietitian Guest (Katie Diebold)
Big River: Off-site Press Event
February 1 Breakout Groups Acting: Numbers: 26 Reasons Why You didn't get the Part and 8 Ways to Become a triple threat before you graduate (Mac)
Dance: Intermediate Tap Dance (Michelle)
Design: Dress to Book the Job (Amber)
Senior Showcase: Kenn
February 8 Performance Day: Rust
February 15 Performance Day: RCC Dance Studio
February 22 Breakout Groups
Shop Block 2: Orientation
Acting: Masks (Roxanne)
Dance: Hair for Dance Performance (Alyssa)
Design: None
Senior Showcase: Kenn
March 1 Performance Day: Rust
SETC week
March 8 Breakout Groups
Shop Block 3: Orientation
Acting: Combat (Bart)
Dance: Ballroom (Philip)
Design: None
Senior Showcase: Kenn
March 15 No class – Spring Break
March 22 No class - Dance Proficiencies
March 29 No class - Fall 2016 Advising Day
April 5 Performance Day: RCC Dance Studio
April 12 Breakout Groups
Theatre: Diversity in Theatre (Kenn)
Dance: Healthy Snacking for Peak Performance (Alyssa and Hilary)
April 19 Breakout Groups
Acting: Improv (Kenn)
Dance: None
Design: Word Processing and Spreadsheets (Chris)
April 26 Performance Day (Flex)
May 3 No Class – BFA Reviews