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On June 27, 2013 the Board of Regents approved a single sign-on pilot program, IncludED, through the new Southeast Bookstore operated by Follett Higher Education Group. The program provides students in six pilot courses the ability to access their materials and electronic textbook/course software utilizing Moodle, Southeast Missouri State University’s Learning Management System. In the past students would access these materials by purchasing a code at Southeast Bookstore and logging in to a separate website. The students will now have access to electronic course material automatically provided to them upon enrollment in the pilot courses. For a complete list of courses included in the pilot program and their corresponding fees please visit: http://www.semo.edu/pdf/old/SFS_FY14SpecialCourseFees.pdf.

Frequently Asked Questions

IncludED is a program to improve access to electronic course materials. By using IncludED, the University can reduce the cost of electronic course materials; the savings can then be passed along to the student. The required materials are provided automatically when a student enrolls in the course; no additional action is needed by the student.

You have enrolled in one (or more) pilot program courses with IncludED. These courses have single sign-on access codes and/or electronic course materials. All students enrolled in these classes are automatically billed for the course materials that were previously purchased at Southeast Bookstore. You do not have to purchase anything extra. All materials are available no later than the first day of class.

The cost of the electronic access is attached to each course just like a special course fee. These charges are automatic upon enrolling in the course and are billed directly to the student’s account.

Access is loaded in Moodle on the first day of class and will be available when the class is unlocked by the professor. For assistance with access call 573-651-2298.

The cost of the electronic access is like a special course fee and follows the same refund timeline as any course according to University policy on dropping courses. This can be found on Student Financial Services (SFS) website here

Southeast Bookstore and Textbook Rental will designate which courses are IncludED with a special shelf tag. There will be no retail books to purchase from Southeast Bookstore for these classes.

Yes, anyone enrolled in these classes will be automatically billed in order to utilize the new single sign-on system through Moodle. The cost is attached to each course just like a special course fee. Any previously purchased access codes will no longer work with the new program for any of these courses.


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