What is the MAPP Exam & its Purpose?

The MAPP exam is the Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress developed by ETS to measure students’ general education skills. It is designed to evaluate program improvement efforts and overall learning outcomes. The state of Missouri requires universities to assess general education using a nationally-normalized instrument. MAPP allows Southeast to meet the state requirements and also its internal requirements to determine general education competencies of students at Southeast. The MAPP exam is a computer - based exam that allows Southeast to gauge the general education skills acquired by a student at Southeast.

The MAPP 2 Exit Exam is required of the following:

  • Graduating students’ registration for the MAPP 2 Exit Exam is available after completing 90 credit hours.
  • Associate Degree students will need to take the MAPP 2 Exit Exam during their final semester before graduation.

    NOTE: Any graduating senior who has already completed the California Critical Thinking Skills Test will be exempt from taking the MAPP 2 Exit Exam.
    Second-degree students do not need to take the MAPP 2 Exit Exam IF they completed the California Critical Thinking Skills Test or MAPP 2 Exit Exam with their first degree. If not, the student must complete the MAPP 2 Exit Exam.

If I am an online student, do I need to take the MAPP Exam?

No, online students are not required to complete the MAPP exam.

To register for the Exit MAPP 2 Exam,

Click here to register for the Exit MAPP Exam.

Registration requires that you submit your Southeast Key (ex. Sestudent1s) and password before access to the registration form is granted.

How will I know if I am registered for the MAPP Exam?

When the registration page is completed, you will receive an email confirmation indicating your registration for the MAPP Exam. The email will include the test date, time, and location of the exam.

How do I change my MAPP Exam reservation?

Missing your appointment may result in a delay in your graduation. To change an existing schedule, you must contact Testing Services at 573-651-2836 or testingservices@semo.edu.

What happens if I do not take the MAPP Exam?

For the Exit MAPP 2 Exam:

Graduation applications will not be approved until the MAPP 2 Exam is scheduled and completed. However, failing to complete the MAPP 2 Exam will result in not completing the degree requirements, in which the diploma will not be generated.

To change, update, or delete your appointment you may log back in with your SE Key and password and change your appointment.


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