Students preparing for application to a professional veterinary medicine program for completion of a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) degree must enroll in a pre-professional program.

The minimum requirements for admission to most professional programs include 64 hours of coursework (the pre-professional program), completion of the MCAT or GRE and acceptance by the College of Veterinary Medicine to which the student makes application.

Specific subjects required in the pre-professional program include English, college algebra, biology, chemistry (inorganic, organic and biochemistry), physics, and certain University Studies courses. Courses in animal science are also recommended. Students should consult the current catalog of the College of Veterinary Medicine they plan to attend and develop their program in conference with the Pre-Veterinary Medicine advisor.

Students enrolled in the pre-professional program should plan a four-year degree program along with the pre-veterinary medicine program. Students enrolling at Southeast Missouri State University will find majors in agriculture, chemistry, or biology particularly complementary to the D.V.M. program. For more information, contact the School of Polytechnic Studies Advising Center.

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