The two-year pre-engineering curriculum is designed so students can receive a degree from an engineering school after an additional two years of study. The curriculum is closely articulated with programs at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Mo. Transfer brochures have been prepared in cooperation with both universities and are available to students. Students planning to attend another engineering school should consult the catalog from that institution and arrange their programs with a pre-engineering advisor.

Students expecting to enroll in the pre-engineering program should have a mathematics background in high school of at least one year of geometry, two years of algebra, and one year of pre-calculus mathematics that includes trigonometry. If these requirements are not met, it will be necessary to correct any deficiencies upon entering the University, which may delay graduation.

Students should complete from 64 to 68 credit hours prior to transferring if they expect to complete an engineering degree in four years. This includes not only required courses in mathematics, physics, and engineering, but also courses in the humanities and the social sciences. Students who maintain a high academic standing will be eligible for transfer scholarships. A pre-engineering advisor in the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics should be consulted for details regarding the pre-engineering program.

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