Interior designers apply artistic and technical solutions that promote health, safety and welfare in the building environment. The program offers instruction for students who wish to practice professional residential or commercial interior design.

Completion of this degree enables graduates to complete two certifications. 1. National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) Because we are accredited by the NKBA, graduates are eligible to take the certification exam, and they also are exempted from the normal two-year experience requirement. 2. National Council for Interior Design (NCIDQ Accreditation by the NCIDQ qualifies students to take the certification exam after two years of full-time experience with a NCIDQ certificate holder.

Interior Design students will…
  • Interact with qualified faculty in a small class environment.
  • Be prepared to take the AKBD and NCIDQ national certification exams.
  • Have access to an experiential learning lab with iPads, group study workstations, and access to latest technology and software.
  • Have the opportunity to complete work on real design projects with actual clients.

As required by CIDA, the Southeast Missouri State University Interior Design Program collects and publishes reliable information to the public regarding student achievement, including aggregate data addressing attrition and retention, graduation rates, job placement rates, and acceptance into graduate programs. To see these statistics, visit this link.

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