Environmental quality is fundamental to our quality of life. Environmental science seeks to preserve and improve our environment for ourselves and future generations.

Environmental science is a unique academic program at Southeast. It is an inter-departmental, interdisciplinary degree program based in the College of Science, Technology and Agriculture. Environmental science is a diverse, hybrid field of study that is based upon strong training in the natural sciences, mathematics, law, economics, and health.

The curriculum for the B.S. in Environmental Science consists of a core of approximately 60 credit hours and 20-30 additional credit hours in one of six degree option areas. All students complete internships and/or research participation. This broad-based education and training provides multiple opportunities for graduates in the growing environmental field.

Environmental science students will…
  • Complete a science-intensive interdisciplinary curriculum providing a foundation for addressing environmental issues of today and the future.
  • Study in modern classrooms and laboratories in the newly remodeled Magill Hall.
  • Gain valuable professional and personal experience through internships and/or research participation.
  • Be well prepared to directly enter career positions in the environmental field or to successfully pursue post-baccalaureate education programs.
  • Develop the competencies to become professional and community leaders in an effort to develop a sustainable society.

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