Communication studies majors develop skills that make them “most likely to succeed.” The Wall Street Journal reports that leaders in corporations and industry consistently rank communication skills among the most needed in the workplace. They identify communication deficiencies as extremely common among employees and responsible for significant problems with efficiency, safety and other concerns.

As a result, communication studies majors enter the workforce with an edge, having highly developed communication skills. These skills allow them positive recognition and upward mobility as they excel on the job.

The skills developed simultaneously serve the individual and society. Although many majors train with a specific career in mind, the technical and relations skills and understanding associated with the major transfer to a variety of careers, enabling graduates to thrive in today’s marketplace where most professionals can expect to change careers several times. At the same time, communication studies provides students the tools to participate meaningfully in social and political life. Majors also benefit from the department’s active membership in the National Communication Association.

Communication Studies students will…
  • Interact with well-trained faculty in small-class settings. Learn and train in state-of-the-art facilities in Academic Hall.
  • Develop oral, written, visual communication, listening, teamwork, leadership and other skills.
  • Experience one-on-one advising to determine the best courses and minor (or second major) best suited to the student’s goals and aspirations.
  • Have access to the student organization, COMMrades, and are poised to try out for Southeast’s award-winning debate team.
  • Have the opportunity to oversee public events while earning course credit.

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