Like most of our world, agriculture has changed dramatically and is infinitely more complex than most people can imagine. Today, most agriculture is seen as a technology- based industry that includes production, agriscience, and agribusiness. Not only are agriculture graduates in demand to produce food, but also to package and transport it, market it, regulate its production, and finance it. Agriculture graduates play key roles in monitoring our lakes and streams and planning for the efficient and safe future of our water supply, land, and other natural resources.

Agriculture is a challenging, highly rewarding, multi-faceted industry. It also is the production of food and fiber and maintenance of our water and natural resources. Agriculture is part of all of us. People, who choose to make agriculture a career, make a difference in the American way of life.

Agribusiness: Agriculture Industry students will…
  • Choose 30 hours of agriculture courses (agriculture, agronomy, animal science, and/or horticulture), in consultation with an advisor, to supplement the agribusiness core courses.
  • Be prepared for positions in management, sales, marketing, finance, policy, and related areas in the agricultural and food systems.
  • Be provided with a basis for graduate work leading to graduate studies.

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