MA Human Environmental Studies


Human Environmental Studies is composed of the following programs: Child Development, Dietetics, Family and Consumer Science Education, Family Studies, Fashion Merchandising, and Interior Design. A specialization in each of the programs at the Masters level is accomplished through the completion of a common core and customized specialization electives

What You'll Do

  • Interact one on one with highly qualified graduate faculty in a small class environment.
  • Be qualified to take selected national certification and licensure examinations.
  • Have access to experiential learning labs with group study workstations and access to the latest technology and software.
  • Be prepared to access positions at the national and international level and will be exposed to emerging global issues and trends.

What You'll Study

  • CF630 Family Systems Applications in Human Services
  • HE601 Sustainable Environments in Human Services
  • DS618 Environmental Design in Human Services
  • PY571 Introduction to Behavioral Statistics

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Internships & Career Opportunities

  • Missouri State Department of Family Services
  • Kansas State University Department of Higher Education
  • Disney World
  • St. Francis Medical Center


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