We, the students of Southeast Missouri State University, in order to further education of democracy, provide a means for student expression, and provide meaningful and operational self government, do establish this Constitution as the supreme rule of student self governance at this university.

Article I. Student Rights

101. These enumerated rights are recognized but shall not be construed to limit or exclude other valid rights that are possessed by students.

102. The right to peaceably assemble, to petition the student government for redress of grievances, to freedom of speech, and of the press shall not be abridged.

103. The right to protection from unreasonable and unauthorized search, seizure, detention, or invasion of privacy shall be guaranteed.

104. The right to a fair and impartial hearing in accordance with due process shall be guaranteed in disciplinary and academic matters.

105. The right to vote and to freely participate in student organization elections shall not be denied on account of race, religion, creed, sex, or national origin.

106. The right to participation in student organizations shall not be unreasonably restricted.

107. The right to view all records of any student government recognized organization shall be guaranteed the students.

108. The right to receive complete and timely information on matters of policy that affect the student body shall be guaranteed.

109. The rights of initiative, referendum recall shall be guaranteed the students, with methods for each to be set in bylaws.

110. The student government shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate action, the provisions of this article.

Article II. Design-General

201. The Student Government shall consist of three branches, with the legislative and executive branches cooperating extensively. A third, separate branch shall be the judiciary.

202. All bylaws or rules of each branch shall be confirmed, by means of Senate bills, by the Student Senate and filed with the executive office and shall be made available for student inspection.

203. A student is defined as a fee paying person maintaining at least a half time course load attending Southeast Missouri State University.

Article III. Executive

301. The executive power shall be vested in a president, vice president, and executive officers, which may be established in bylaws.

302. The duly elected president and vice president shall serve a term of one calendar year.

303. Any student in good standing, to be defined in bylaws, shall be eligible to seek and hold an executive office.

304. In case of vacancy in the office of president, the vice president shall become the president for the remainder of the term. If neither shall be eligible to serve, the senate may decide who shall then act as president for the remainder of the vacant term. If the office of vice president shall be vacated, then the president shall appoint a replacement, with senate confirmation, for the remainder of the term.

305. The president shall be spokesperson for the student body, be the principal agent responsible for enforcement of this constitution, and oversee all other executive powers.

306. The president shall appoint members of the judiciary, committee chairpersons, cabinet members and executives, subject to the concurrence of a majority of the senate members present.

307. The president shall have the power to veto a senate bill within five school days of passage. A bill shall be considered signed if no action is taken after having been presented to the president within that period.

308. The president may recommend to the senate for its consideration such measures as he/she shall judge necessary and expedient. He/she may on extraordinary occasion call a special session and set the agenda of the senate.

Article IV. Legislative

401. All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in the Senate of the Student Body.

402. Any student in good standing, to be defined in bylaws, shall be eligible to seek and hold a senate position.

403. A duly elected senator's term shall be one calendar year.

404. The senate members shall be chosen and apportioned by a method which shall be established by the senate.

405. The times, places, and manner of holding elections for senators and executive officers shall be prescribed by bylaws.

406. If a vacancy should occur in a senate position, it shall be filled by a special election or procedure as set in bylaws.

407. The Senate shall have the power to impeach and recommend for disposition before the judiciary upon a three-fourths vote of all senators any member of the executive office for malfeasance or nonfeasance of duties.

408. The vice president of the student body, or his/her designee, shall be the president of the Senate, but shall have no vote unless it is equally divided.

409. Enumerated senate powers include but may not be limited to the following:

409.1 The power to legislate

409.2 The power to raise funds through student fees

409.3 The power to allocate student funds

409.4 The power to recognize and fund student organizations

409.5 The power to approve appointments to executive and judicial positions, which shall require a majority approval of members present.

410. Every bill which has been approved by the senate must be signed by the president before it becomes law. If, after presentation to the president, he/she approves it, then he/she shall sign it. If he/she disapproves, then he/she shall return it. The senate may then reconsider it. It shall become law if two-thirds of the senate then approves.

411. A quorum shall consist of at least one half of the total membership. No votes may be taken in absence of a quorum.

412. The senate shall determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and shall establish methods for removal and recall of its members.

Article V. Judicial

501. The judicial power of the student body shall be vested in one supreme board and in such inferior boards as the senate may establish.

502. A student shall be eligible to serve in the judiciary if first appointed by the president, then confirmed by the senate.

503. A student must maintain academic and character requirements, to be established in bylaws, to be eligible to serve in the judiciary.

504. In addition to the power to be the final student authority in election disputes, disciplinary and academic matters, the supreme board shall be the final authority of interpretation of this constitution, and settle matters of alleged violations of student rights as guaranteed by this constitution, in light of the education objectives of this university.

505. Upon presentation of written request by a student government member, or by student initiative, the supreme board shall provide a timely interpretation of a question concerning this constitution.

506. The chair of the supreme board shall be chosen by the president from its membership.

507. Members of the supreme board shall serve until resignation, withdrawal from the university, or until basic qualifications are no longer met.

508. No supreme board member may serve concurrently in another branch of the student government.

Article VI. Oath of Office

601. All student government members shall be bound by oath or affirmation to support this constitution. The oath shall be administered by the chair of the supreme board, or in his/her absence, by the president of the student body.

602. The oath shall read, "I, , do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the student constitution of Southeast Missouri State University.

Article VII. Amendments

701. An amendment may be proposed by a senate vote of two-thirds of its membership or by a petition signed by one-tenth of the students. A proposed amendment shall become part of this constitution if it is then ratified by two-thirds of the votes cast with at least one-tenth of the students voting.

Article VIII. Enactment

801. This constitution shall take effect immediately following legislative and student body approval. It shall replace and supersede all former constitutions in entirety.

802. Full faith and credit shall be given to all former administrations, their actions, records, and elections.


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