Social Work Club (SWC)

SWC is a student association open to all studnets. SWC allows an environment for a disucssion of issues, both professional and academic, oppotrunities to become involved in community service projects and socialization.
Faculty Advisor: Jocelyn Martin, Crisp Hall 201-C, (573) 986-6882,

Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society

Phi Alpha is an honor society that invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work. The purpose of the organization is to provide a closer bond among students and promote humanitarian goals and ideals.  Faculty Advisor: Kathie Miller, Crisp Hall 201-B, (573) 651-2328,

Missouri Association of Social Welfare (MASW)

This regional organization plays an important role in developing Missouri's social justice framework.  With a strong emphasis on advocacy, each year MASW continues to bring about social change within Missouri.  Applications available in Department of Social Work office, Crisp Hall 201, (573) 651-2004. Visit the MASW website at
Faculty Advisor: Jack Stokes, Crisp Hall 210-C, (573) 651-2714,

National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

This professional organization of social workers is the largest in the world, with membership around 150,000.  The organization works to advance the professional growth of members and create and maintain professional standards for the field of social work.  Applications are available in the Department of Social Work office, Crisp Hall 201, (573) 651-2004.
Missouri chapter:
National chapter:

Social Work Access Network (SWAN)

SWAN provides social workers with valuable tools in the information age. Dr. John M. Grohol states that SWAN is "an excellent resource for social workers, offering resources and links to associations and additional, general social work information." For more information about SWAN, visit their Web site at

The New Social Worker Online

This is an online magazine for Social Work Students and Recent Graduates for access to articles, job listings, forums, a Calendar of Events, and much more. Visit their Web site at

To read an interesting article about preparing your Social Work portfolio, go to