Towers North offers students a living environment that is well suited to the preferences of today's students (reserved for freshmen). Recently renovated, North offers suite-style arrangements with ample lounge space on each floor. Each floor includes four four-person suites and three triple rooms. Each suite or room has its own bath. Students on each floor share access to a laundry room, kitchenette, and lounge area. The lounge has a television, comfortable furniture, and a microwave. The ice machine is located in first floor lounge.

First-Year Housing: Only first-year students who submit a completed Contract for University Housing and the deposit before early in the housing application process are eligible to live in Towers North.

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Quick Facts, Dimensions, & Amenities

  • North campus adjacent to Towers Complex
  • Hall Type: Suite Style (two bedrooms connected by bathroom)
  • Suite style bathrooms are cleaned by the resident
  • Residential Capacity: 282 beds; 11 residential floors
  • Floor Capacity: Three triples, 8 doubles, 1 RA single per floor
  • Room Types: Double or triple Occupancy;
  • Approximate Doubles Room Measurements: 11’ 6” W x 15’L x 9’6” H, and x07 rooms 20’10” W x 15’2” L x 9’6” H. Rooms 207, 307 and 407 have ADA accommodations and have slightly smaller bedrooms and larger bathrooms
  • Approximate Triples Room Measurements: 21’6” W x 15’8” L x 9’6” H (end triple). Rooms x02 and x12 are corner triples.
  • Window sizes Doubles: 60” H x 43.5” W
  • Window sizes Triples: 60.5” H x 43.5” W. There are 2 windows in the room.
  • Desktop Measurements: 42” L x 24” W – This desk size only applies to ADA rooms
  • Dresser (3-drawer and movable): 36” W x 20” D x 30” H. Each drawer is approximately 5 ½” D. Each person in the room has their own dresser.
  • Built-in Closets Doubles: (All dimensions are from the floor to the height of the closet rod (i.e. where you hang your clothes): 75” W x 54” D x 87” H. There is additional storage above the closet rod for storage. There is one closet for both residents to share.
  • Built-in Closets Triples: (All dimensions are from the floor to the height of the closet rod (i.e. where you hang your clothes): 76 ½” W x 53 ¾” D x 69 ½” H and 48 ½” W x 23” D x 69 ½” H. There is additional storage above the closet rod for storage. There are two closets for residents to share in the x02 and x12 corner triples. There is one large closet for residents to share in the x07 end triples.
  • Mattress size: 80” L (extra-long twin) Loft kit included.
  • Approximate Measurement of bed (for storage underneath) 80” L x 39” D x 33” H. This applies if you raise your bed on the highest rung without lofting. The bed can also be lowered.
  • Space under sink: 22” H x 18 ½” D x 22 ½” W
Within Towers North
  • Cable Connection: 1 outlet per room
  • Community Kitchen: 1st floor
  • Internet Connection: LAN (1 per student) and Wi-Fi
  • Laundry: 1st floor
  • Telephone: 1 outlet per room (service not included)
  • TV Lounge: On each floor
  • Program Lounge: 1st floor
Within the Complex
  • Computer Lab and IT Technician:  1st floor
  • Customer Service Desk:  1st floor
  • Towers Dining Center: 2nd floor
  • Rowdy’s: 1st floor
  • Mailboxes: 1st floor
  • ATM:  1st floor
  • Vending Machines: 1st floor Snacks and Soda

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Fax: 573-651-2557
Towers Complex 102
Office of Residence Life
One University Plaza, MS 0055
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701

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