Yes.  Students often have questions about what to bring, what kinds of rules are in place, and where to go for help.  The Residents' Handbook of Understandings is a great reference.

Some specific items you should leave at home:

  • Air conditioner or space heater
  • Any appliance with an open heating element (toaster, toaster oven, hot plate, George Foreman grills)
  • Halogen lamp, quartz lamp, or any other lamp (including a desk lamp) with an exposed bulb
  • Open flame devices (e.g., candles, incense)
  • Illegal or unauthorized materials (e.g., alcohol, drugs, firearms or dangerous weapons, fireworks, stolen property)
  • Hazardous chemicals, including flammable liquids
  • Weapons, including firearms, large knives, or decorative swords
  • Paintball/airsoft/pellet guns
  • Pets, except fish
  • Extremely valuable or irreplaceable items
  • Wi-Fi Routers are highly disturbing to the campus Wi-Fi and will be confiscated.


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