This Department is engaged in three distinct disciplines. We became a single Department in the Spring 2003 semester, offering majors in two fields: Political Science, and Philosophy and Religion. We offer a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Political Science, a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, and minors in both of those and in Religion. We also conduct a Master of Public Administration degree and serve the campus as Pre-Law advisor.

The Department resides in the College of Liberal Arts. Our personal and professional profiles are located in Faculty. Department and faculty offices are on the second floor of the historic A.S.J. Carnahan Hall (with a couple on the third floor adjacent to the Department of History). The Department office is Carnahan Hall 211-B (CR211B) on the east side of the second floor. Our Chair is Hamner Hill, and our Administrative Assistant is Debbie Devenport. The Department telephone number is (573) 651-2183 and our FAX is (573) 651-2695. Below is our quarters seen from the building's rear side facing the Inner Campus Drive northeast of Academic Hall. Map links to Carnahan are at Department of Public Safety with parking in Lot 30 adjacent to Carnahan Hall (slightly right-of-center on this map). Also see SEMO - Department of History Carnahan Building - Maps & Directions.