Southeast Missouri State University provides professional education grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and in practical experience.   

The University, through teaching and scholarship, challenges students to extend their intellectual capacities, interests, and creative abilities; develop their talents; and acquire a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.  Students benefit from a relevant, extensive, and thorough general education with a global perspective; professional and liberal arts and sciences curricula; cocurricular opportunities; and real-world experiences.  By emphasizing student-centered and experiential learning, the University, in collaboration with other entities as appropriate, prepares individuals to participate responsibly in a diverse and technologically advanced world, and in this and other ways contributes to the development of the social, cultural, and economic life of the region, state, and nation.


Becoming The University of First Choice

Southeast Missouri State University will be the university of first choice for students, for faculty and staff, and for employers in a geographical area that includes eastern Missouri and surrounding states. The University will be nationally recognized as a leader among all area higher education institutions in serving the agriculture, arts, business, education, health, human service, science, and technology needs of that region.