Southeast Missouri State University

Students will take the Writing Placement Exam during First STEP. Click below to learn more about the Writing Placement Exam or to learn about our Math Placement options.

Math Placement Information

Is Your ACT Math Subscore Less Than 21?

If your ACT Math subscore is a 20 or below, you will be placed into MA101 (Intermediate Algebra I) before enrolling in the required "Logical Systems" course.  MA101 does count as part of the 120-credit-hours required for a Bachelor Degree.

If your ACT Math subscore is 21 or greater, you will be placed directly into either MA134 (College Algebra) or another Logical Systems course, depending on your major.

ACT Math Subscore 20 or Below

MA101 (Intermediate Algebra I)

ACT Math Subscore 21 & Higher

MA134 (College Algebra) or Logical Systems course

If you do not have an ACT/SAT score on file, then you will be placed into MA101.