English Placement Information

Some students will take the Writing Placement Exam prior First STEP. Learn more about the Writing Placement Exam. Your orientation confirmation will also notify you if you are required to take the placement exam and give you instructions on how to do so. 

Math Placement Information

Math placement is determined by ACT or SAT test scores. If you have no math test scores, you will be placed into MA 050, unless you elect to take the Math Placement Exam. More information on the Math Placement Exam.

ACT Math Sub-Score SAT Math Score Mathematics Course Placement
0 – 14 0 - 359 MA050 Basic Math Skills
15 – 21 360 - 519 Logical Systems with Lab
22+ 520+ Logical Systems (course determined by major)
24+ 560+ MA139 (if required by major)
26+ 600+ MA140 (if required by major)


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