The Center for Statistical Analysis is located in the Department of Mathematics and provides services primarily to graduate students and faculty members at Southeast; however, the Center will consider contract work with external institutions, individuals and private industries.

Consulting appointments are available in half an hour increments. During this time a consultant will be available to provide statistical advice and assistance.

To make an appointment, please contact:

Dr. Pradeep Singh, CSA Coordinator

Phone: (573) 651-2773
Fax: (573) 986-6811


Pradeep Singh

Professor of Statistics
Dr. Singh specializes in linear models, regressions analysis, multivariate analysis.

Yanping Xia

Associate Professor of Statistics
Dr. Xia's area of specialty is multivariate analysis and statistical inference.

Emmanuel Thompson

Assistant Professor of Statistics/Actuarial Science
Dr. Thompson specializes in risk theory, panel data models, financial time series, applied statistics & econometrics.

Tamela Randolph

Professor and Chair for the Department of Mathematics
Dr. Randolph provides expertise in educational statistics.

Lindsay Smoot

Administrative Assistant
Office Phone: (573) 651-2164


Fees will be charged for services provided to researchers both at Southeast Missouri State University and outside the University. Please read carefully the services provided and the fees incurred for each type of project.

The types of services provided by the Center for Statistical Analysis include:

Walk-In Consultations

Southeast researchers, faculty or graduate students are welcome to make an appointment with our center for statistical advice at any stage of their research. You are encouraged to contact the CSA for a walk-in consultation early in your design phase of your research project. Please consult our schedule for available times. Below are the rates for the CSA. If, however, the project is not receiving funding, then the consultations and services will be provided free of charge, up to three hours. Fees are assessed in order to provide more comprehensive services by supporting extra personnel and equipment within the CSA.

Hourly Rates
Southeast Researchers External Clients
Walk-In Consultation $60 $90

Long Term Collaborative Research

We seek to promote cross-disciplinary interaction and collaborative research between the CSA and individuals in other disciplines. If you are working on a project that is suitable for collaborative research, please contact the Coordinator of the CSA.

An estimation of the time needed to complete the project will be made at the time of the initial contact. The project fees will be based on this estimate and a written agreement will be provided to the client. No additional fees will be assessed without a written agreement between the CSA and the client.

Assistance in Preparation of Research Grant Proposals

The CSA invites researchers working on grant proposals to include statistical consulting and data-analysis as an item in their research plans and their budgets. The director of the CSA is always available for help in preparing budget estimates and advice in preparing statistical sections of research proposals.

Contractual Consulting to Government and Industry

The CSA will provide business and industry with expert advice on all aspects related to statistical analyses. Depending upon the project, the time needed to complete the project may vary from a few days to several months. Some projects may be outside the scope of our expertise; if so, the CSA will not provide service beyond the initial consultation. If you are interested in contracting with the CSA, please contact the coordinator.

Statistical Methodology

The Center provides consulting services in statistical methodology. Statistical areas in which consulting will be provided include:

  • Statistical data analysis (General)
  • Linear mixed modeling
  • Generalized linear mixed modeling
  • Design of experiments
  • Logistic regression modeling
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Regression analysis
  • Econometric modeling
  • Financial time series analysis
  • Panel data modeling
  • Data mining
  • Actuarial and financial risk modeling
  • Statistical packages – R/RStudio, SAS, SPSS, Minitab, MATLAB, Octave, WinBUGS, Excel


Phone: 573.651.2164
Fax: 573.986.6811
Johnson Hall 201

Department of Mathematics
One University Plaza, MS 6700
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701