College Council Dates and Deadlines

College Council meets on Friday at noon.

Meeting Date Time Location Deadline
09.11.2015 Noon-1:20 AC206 08.28.2015
10.09.2015 Noon-1:20 AC206 09.25.2015
11.06.2015 Noon-1:20 AC206 10.23.2015
12.04.2015 Noon-1:20 AC206 11.20.2015
02.05.2016 Noon-1:20 AC206 01.22.2016
03.11.2016 Noon-1:20 AC206 02.26.2016
04.08.2016 Noon-1:20 AC206 03.25.2016

All documents are due to the Office of the Dean in electronic format by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date. Signed original forms are due in paper format minimum one day prior to the meeting.

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