Academic Departments

The College of Liberal Arts provides courses of study in the fine and performing arts, the humanities and the behavioral and social sciences. Faculty in the ten departments of the college teach most of the liberal arts curriculum offered for all students through the University Studies program.

Department of Art

Photo of KahlerThe Department of Art offers courses in graphic design, illustration, painting, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, watermedia, art education, computer imaging/animation, art history, and new genre.
Chairperson: Caroline Kahler,, (573) 651-2143

Department of Communication Studies

Photo of WilliamsThe Department of Communication Studies serves students interested in both classical and contemporary theories of human communication. By developing skills in interpersonal and small group communication, intercultural communication, organizational communication and public communication, students prepare for a variety of activities and careers which require skilled communicators.
Chairperson: Glen Williams,, (573) 651-2241

Department of English

Photo of KendrickStudy in the Department of English centers on writing, literature, and linguistics. Those with special interest in composition will find courses in creative writing, practical and professional written communication, styles of writing and rhetorical theory. For students whose primary interest is literature, the department offers work in British, American, and world prose, poetry, and drama. Also available for those preparing to teach English are courses in techniques of teaching English, Linguistics, and studies in English as a second language.
Chairperson: Susan Kendrick,, (573) 651-2156

Department of History

Photo of ToniIn addition to a curriculum for traditional careers in history, the Department of History offers expanding, innovative programs in response to the changing needs of students. From ancient times to the twentieth century, from African studies to local history, the diversity of faculty preparation and scholarly activity encourages the development of student interests. The department offers majors in Historic Preservation, History, and Social Studies Education with minors in Historic Preservation and History.
Interim Chairperson: Toni Alexander,, (573) 651-2180

Department of Mass Media

Photo of PamThe Department of Mass Media offers degrees in Mass Communication. The Mass Communication program has a general core of study and options in Advertising, Multimedia Journalism, Public Relations, and Television/Film within the traditional framework of the liberal arts.
Chairperson: Pam Parry,, (573) 651-5104

Department of Modern Languages, Anthropology, and Geography

Photo of AlexanderThe Department of Modern Languages, Anthropology, and Geography offers a major program in Global Cultures and Languages with options in Anthropology; Foreign Languages, with French, German and Spanish tracks, and Global Studies, with Chinese, Francophone, Germanic, Hispanic and Japanese tracks. Minor programs are available in Anthropology, Archaeology, French, German, Global Studies and Spanish. Opportunities for study abroad may be sought through the department. A variety of internships, here and abroad, are available to our majors. Academic exchanges are available with universities in France, Germany, Spain and Costa Rica.
Chairperson: Toni Alexander,, (573) 651-2146

Department of Music

Photo of HamptonThe Department of Music offers the Bachelor of Arts in Music for students who wish to integrate music with studies in other disciplines; the Bachelor of Music in Performance or Composition for students who wish to perform professionally or create new music in the classical, electronic and avant garde traditions; and the Bachelor of Music Education for students who wish to teach public school music. All music degree programs prepare students for graduate and advanced professional studies. A Music minor is also offered.
Chairperson: Kevin Hampton,, (573) 651-2141

Department of Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion

Photo of HillThe Department of Political Science, Philosophy and Religion offers both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees with majors in Political Science, a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Philosophy, and minors in Philosophy, Political Science, Public Administration, and Religion. The department has all the major fields in Political Science: American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, and Public Administration. The department serves the University with pre-law advising to assist all students planning a legal career. The Public Administration Program focuses on public employment, and is strongly supported by internships in government and not-for-profit institutions. The Philosophy program includes study in the traditional areas of history, logic and ethics, offering advanced study in philosophy of law, aesthetics, philosophy of science, and contemporary philosophy. The program is broad based and encourages the development of literary and conceptual skills together with appreciation for the best of humanistic scholarship.
Chairperson: Hamner Hill,, (573) 651-2183

Department of Psychology

Photo of MelissaThe Department of Psychology offers an undergraduate major that leads to the Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. The goal of this program is to provide a common set of learning experiences that characterize the breadth and diversity of the discipline. The program establishes a solid foundation for a variety of career goals including those which involve graduate education in psychology. In addition to preparing our majors for graduate education and careers in human services, our courses support many other undergraduate programs including business, criminal justice, education, nursing, and social work. Departmental courses also support graduate programs throughout the university and the core curriculum and upper-level interdisciplinary curriculum of the University Studies Program.
Interim Chairperson: Melissa Odegard-Koester,, (573) 651-2132

Conservatory of Theatre and Dance

Photo of StilsonThe Conservatory of Theatre and Dance offers students an intensive training program in the development of an informed appreciation of the performing arts within the context of a liberal arts education. The Bachelor of Fine Arts is a professional degree designed to prepare students for entrance into the professional performing arts market, while the Bachelor of Arts degree prepares students for graduate programs or post-graduate professional internships.
Chairperson: Kenn Stilson,, (573) 651-2149


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